New Fresh Look, More Stories, More Scoops

I hope you like the new look. I basically worked non-stop through the night to change from the old blogger template, which has served me quite well, taking me to Page Rank 5, Number 1 in Zimbabwe on Afrigator and also in the mid-fifties in all of Africa out of 10 445 blogs!

Some amongst us have been complaining that they missed some stories and articles because of the previous format, which displayed my famously long posts on the home page. This template is specially for you, then. At a glance, you can scan my posts and articles (yes, there is a difference!) from the last 4 days or so without having to scroll down much.

It is not perfect yet and I am still refining the layout, adding, subtracting and especially fine tuning how the full post looks when you click on the title to read it. I will be adding a Read More button at the end of the summaries you see on the front page, and an anchor to take you back to the that same front page from the full post.

I am beat right now, so that will have to wait till another less hectic day.

Comments are still playing up, and it pays to have some patience, which is why I am amazed when anyone actually manages to get through. These days, most of the conversations and arguments arising from my posts are taking place on my Facebook page, which is why I have also included a link at the top of the page in case you want in.

So, that said, perhaps I should just bugger off now and leave you to enjoy your Sunday in peace, although I will be posting another bombshell later on day, a scoop (yet again! and no, I am still not tired of scooping everyone!) that I got on Friday regarding The Solution and his people and their ill-gotten farms.

Till then, enjoy the new look and I will see you on the other side of the week.


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