Mugabe Hides Presidential Cabinet Seat From MDC

The seat that Mugabe uses for cabinet meetings is hidden away in his office by the Presidential guard ever since the MDCs got into government.

Apparently, the chair, which stays in his office at Munhumutapa building all week, is wheeled out a few minutes before the start of cabinet meetings every Tuesday.

Religiously, soon after the meeting ends, one of the president's guards moves into the Cabinet Room and takes out the chair.

Mugabe has some of the strictest security in the world around him. It is said that his bodyguards' training is carried out by Mossad of Israel.

Mugabe, who has survived several confirmed assassination attempts (I am not referring to the bogus and convenient accusations against people like the late Ndabaningi Sithole and Morgan Tsvangirai) ordered the change when the MDC came into government because he apparently does not trust that will not try to do something to his seat if it stayed in the cabinet room all week.

And it is not just assassinations the president is afraid of. He is also known to be very superstitious and fears that some sort of juju could also be put on the seat to do him in.

It appears that the new-found faith and trust that PM Tsvangirai has for Mugabe is not reciprocated, after all. But the PM says "His Excellency" is very sincere and eager to work with the MDC, claiming that there is nothing Mugabe does without Tsvangirai's approval.


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