Inclusive Government Orders Another Demolition Operation (Murambatsvina) in Harare

Riot police watch as a bulldozer demolishes houses in Harare during the widely condemned Operation Murambatsvina. The Harare City Council has now announced a new "clean-up" operation to rid the city of an "emerging pre-Murambatsvina"situation. In other words, they liked what Murambatsvina did and they want to repeat it because the people are getting too happy trying to make ends meet. And this is a council run and controlled by Tsvangirai's MDC-T? Go figure.

This is rather shocking news from Zimbabwe today.

The Harare City Council, which is controlled by the MDC-T, has ordered another "clean-up operation" while lamenting that the city was "going back to the pre-Murambatsvina" situation.

Murambatsvina was an operation that was launched by Mugabe's government in which "illegal structures", mostly homes and shops built informally in the cities were bulldozed. This was at the height winter and people suffered a lot.

The Operation was condemned by the United Nations and Human Rights groups all over the world.

Surprisingly, the Operation was also condemned at the time by the same MDC-T which is now launching a "clean up" and saying "we can not go back to the pre-Murambatsvina situation."

In effect, then, they are now endorsing that widely condemned operation as a move that brought benefits to the people of Zimbabwe.

It is a breath-taking volte-face.

And a shameful one.

Because it makes us all wonder just how sincere they were when they condemned Mugabe's "clean-up." We did not realise at the time that they actually secretly admired it and sought to emulate it the moment they controlled government and the councils.

This is a decision that slaps the people in the face.

It is a decision that was not forced on the MDC-T by ZANU PF "hardliners". The Prime Minister's party is doing this through its own free will.

As the saying goes:

The more things change, the more things stay the same.

It really is urgent that the people take back their agenda from the politicians of this moribund Inclusive Government.


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