27 July 2009: Mugabe Now Virtually Confirmed Life-President

Robert "The Solution" Mugabe now has the endorsement of not only Morgan Tsvangirai, but also three ZANU PF provinces to die in power. With Tsvangirai telling stunned audiences all over the world, "Mugabe is the solution. President Mugabe is not going anywhere....", ZANU PF Youths in Harare as well as Manicaland Province have now added their voices to the Midlands Provincial Executive of ZANU PF in supporting Mugabe to continue as president of ZANU PF "and the country". It appears what the people think (more than two million have cast a vote against Mugabe and his party) does not come into this at all.

When Morgan Tsvangirai repeatedly told audiences in South Africa, the United States and Europe that, "President Mugabe is not going anywhere..", he had not consulted the people of Zimbabwe about this.

He also had no idea whose language he was speaking, or did he?

The ZANU PF Harare Province Youth Wing came out at the weekend to endorse The Solution as the leader of the party ahead of the ZANU PF Congress to be held in December.

In doing so, the ZANU PF Youths used the exact same language that Prime Minister Tsvangirai used, specifically, they, like Tsvangirai also declared:

"The president is not going anywhere," declared Boniface Karoro, the leader of ZANU PF Youths in Harare.

Also endorsing the continued keeping watch over the corpse that is Zimbabwe by Mugabe was the Manicaland Provincial Executive for ZANU PF.

Last weekend, of course, Emmerson Mnangagwa, the Minister of Defence, heir-apparent to Mugabe and one of the party's most senior figures also endorsed Mugabe for the presidency.

These ZANU PF structures, including the party's secretary for administration, Didymus Mutasa, were also clear that the December Congress was being held only to confirm Mugabe in his post.

You will recall that this is exactly what happened in December 2007, when Simba Makoni intended to challenge Mugabe for the presidency. John Nkomo announced from the podium that there would be no vote taken and that the delegates were simply to endorse Mugabe as leader.

This is democracy, ZANU PF-style.

And Morgan Tsvangirai has bought into it hook, line and sinker.

Manicaland, Midlands and Harare Youths have now declared they are ready to feat of the corpse of democracy in Zimbabwe by imposing the old man on us and unleashing violence at any subsequent election to guarantee Mugabe continued rule.

This does nothing to serve the interests of Zimbabwe's economy or prospects for a brighter future.

But we should also take special note of the fact that, so far it is only three provinces (in Harare, it had to be Youths because there is no Executive in place, due to the infighting and the ordering of election re-runs for the Provincial structures).

What of the other seven?

Immense pressure is being brought to bear on them. Phone calls are being made and executive members in provinces are being urged to show their loyalty, not to Mugabe, but "to the party". Apparently endorsing Mugabe is the same thing as being loyal to the party.

Like in Hitler's Germany, ZANU PF is the Fuhrers party. The Leader Party. Questioning the leader is an act of self-expulsion and so on and so forth.

The provinces will fall in line by the time the December Congress is held.

There are threats in ZANU PF that if Mugabe railroads his way into another term at the helm of the party, then the party will split in half.

Don't listen to them.

The party is full cowards, who refuse to let go of their comforts and hide behind the old man in order to bar the opposition from power.

They fear for their lives and their lifestyles and are willing to let the country go to the dogs so that they can continue to be kept by Mugabe in the style to which they are now accustomed.

Mugabe is not above setting his thugs on his own, so expect that any provinces that refuse to commit suicide like the other three will be hounded and intimidated until they give in. If they won't, they will be expelled.

At least now we know for certain whose language the Prime Minister is speaking. The Solution? We wrote off a long time ago and it serves no purpose to flog that dead horse. Everyone agrees he should go. It is the behaviour of those who should have an upper hand against him, those who should be influencing the course of events in the country, that puzzles us.


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