Tsvangirai Meets Obama - No Aid For Zimbabwe

Morgan Tsvangirai met with President Obama yesterday in the Oval Office at the White House. The US president has maintained sanctions against Mugabe (The Solution, according to Tsvangirai) and his cronies.

The only money that has been pledged is money for NGOs, humanitarian aid. Tsvangirai's government gets nothing. Obama pledged US$73 million for humanitarian assistance, which money will be given directly to non-governmental organisations.

The Prime Minister of Zimbabwe has been urging the world to extend lines of credit and lift sanctions against Zimbabwe and Mugabe, saying that the inclusive government can not function without that aid.

As I told you a couple of days ago, the real power behind Mugabe, JOC, have now decided that they will treat the Prime Minister and the MDC even more shoddily, since all they ever wanted from them was reversal of sanctions.

Clearly, Tsvangirai can not deliver on this, and JOC will now go all out to make government inhospitable for the MDC-T and its ministers.


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