Tsvangirai Gets Military Honours In Germany, But No Aid

Morgan Tsvangirai is asked to turn around by German Chancellor Angela Merkel during the Prime Minister's welcoming ceremony in Berlin. And he got a salute!

James Maridadi and other members of the Prime Minister's entourage snap away as the two leaders walk into the Chancellery in Berlin

With his bearings right aagin, the Prime Minister inspects the Guard of Honour

In a move calculated to incense Robert Mugabe, the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, welcomed Zimbabwean Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai with full military honours, a treatment usually reserved for visiting Heads of State and Government.

A beaming Tsvangirai emerged with Merkel from the Chancellery in Berlin as his entourage looked on with evident joy and pride. In one of the photos above, you can clearly see James Maridadi, the Prime Minister's spokesman, recording the event on camera.

Tsvangirai later met with the German Development Minister, who announced afterwards that the German Government would give Zimbabwe 20 million Euros, to be channelled through the World Bank, mainly for small scale farmers in Zimbabwe.

It is interesting to see how this will go, since the rural areas where these people are located are still ZANU PF controlled.

Further, you will also recall that the aid that was given last year by South Africa, to the tune of 300 million Rand, was also looted. For the little that trickled down, Mugabe's ministers went round the country telling villagers that it was Mugabe himself who had sent SADC to give aid to "his people".

This country remains poised on the brink and none of the parties seem to be doing anything meaningful to break the logjam between them in order to free up intellectual resources for the job of getting Zimbabwe working again.


  1. Denford - we do not agree with the aid given to moe by barack obama. you can check out the post and our discussion as to why this is bad business over atBadGalsRadio


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