Meet Morgan Tsvangirai in Washington D.C

It appears Morgan Tsvangirai, the Prime Minister of Zimbabwe is not meeting any of his countrymen during his trip overseas, which will last more than three weeks. There appears to be no meetings with Zimbabweans scheduled.

But, if you are in Washington D.C., there is a chance for you to spend an evening with the Prime Minister of Zimbabwe, at a concert organised by Capitol Resources (see the flyer above). This will be on June 12 2009 and the concert starts at 8:00p.m., Washington D.C. time.

But you will have to pay US$20 for the privilege.

I am not sure why the Prime Minister has decided to snub his own people and his own supporters out in the diaspora.

Could it be because it is now public knowledge that the Prime Minister and his party have banded together with Mugabe to pass laws that forbid Zimbabweans in the Diaspora to vote?

This also raises the question of whether the PM and Robert "The Solution" Mugabe know something we don't about the Constitution process. Why are laws being amended now and gazetted and even tabled at all if they are sure that we will have a new constitution in two years?

Why rush to deny people in the diaspora votes NOW, when there is no election imminent except for a few possible by-elections?

Could it be that they have now seen the survey done in the last month by a very respected local survey group, which shows Simba Makoni with more support than either of them? 

I wonder?


  1. I love how you know refer to Robert Mugabe by his new nickname 'the solution' in every new post. It makes me chuckle everytime.

  2. WOW ! This is HUGE

    I wonder if he's gonna sing that old zimbabwean Political Anthem "I'm Suckin Mugs Dick Dick Dick".

    and of course his fans will scream for joy when he croons that brand new chart buster "I'm Just a Hoe for Mugabe".

    ahhhh the hits just keep on commin..


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