It's Official, Tsvangirai Does Not Exist

This here is the Zimbabwe government website as it looked tonight.

Notably, the website says the Government of Zimbabwe is headed by Mugabe, Joice Mujuru and Joseph Msika. President and two vice-presidents. 

There is no mention of a Prime Minister. 

Yet the website itself says it was "last updated" on February 20 2009. That is AFTER Tsvangirai had been sworn and and a new government installed.

We have three whole ministries of Communications. We are trying to lure tourists to come to Zimbabwe and enjoy rare sights (such as abductions and burst sewage pipes in the city centre?). And this is teh bes we can do in terms of telling the online world about Zimbabwe?

Is this an indication that Tsvangirai and the MDC's entry into government is not recognised as legitimate by The Solution and his comrades?

The Prime Minister had to resort to making his own website, since Mugabe did not want to play with him on the "Official Government Website".

Or perhaps it is an oversight.

In which case we must ask: what has Nelson Chamisa been doing for the last three months if not attending to communicating with the online world about Zimbabwe?


  1. Wow.. so even they know he is a figment of everyones' imagination. Whoooo Hoooo !!!

  2. Have you noticed that there's a website for the ministry of finance, which makes no mention of the minister of finance (, and there's another website, launched by biti, for his ministry of finance (


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