Tsvangirai Refused Entry To State House

I could not credit this when I first heard it, but I am now forced to concede that it is true after the Independent confirmed it today.

Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai was effectively barred from entering the State House on Monday for a banquet being held in honour of the President of North Korea, who was in the country to "talk nuclear" with Robert Mugabe.

James Maridadi, MT's spokesman, says the one of the vehicles in the Zimbabwean Prime Minister's convoy was refused entry into State House grounds by the Presidential Guard.

Tsvangirai had been invited by Mugabe.

The Prime Minister was reduced to arguing with Gatekeepers for his delegation to be allowed in, but they would have none of it.

In the end, the whole convoy, including the Prime Minister himself, turned around and drove off.

It makes one wonder: How can the Prime Minister of Zimbabwe, who recently said "there is nothing Mugabe does without my approval" - effectively equating himself to the dictator - be ordered around by the President's bodyguards?

How much power does he have, really, if he can be so humiliated by men who should be saluting him?

But, as most Zimbabweans know, the President's Praetorian Guard is a law unto itself. Countless motorists have been bludgeoned and hauled off to police or Military Intelligence cells for not getting out of the way of the Presidential convoy fast enough.

And bad behaviour seems to be the order of the day in the Mugabe family as well. Taxi drivers at Fife Avenue Shopping Centre now know to flee when they see Sabina Mugabe approach.

Apparently, quite apart from the fact that, once the hired taxi arrives at State House and the groceries are offloaded, the President's sister is in the habit of paying the drivers in Zimbabwe dollars, at a rate she thinks is fair, the drivers, on trying to exit, are then stopped, searched and questioned on what they were doing inside and how they got in.

Mugabe thinks there is nothing amisss about this at all, saying, for instance, after Tsvangirai was beaten up by the police:

"When the police say "move", you move".

The Prime Minister is putting this down to "residual elements" who refuse to acknowledge that there is "a new force in town, the Office of the Prime Minister."

It appears the residual elements have every intention of remaining residual.

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  1. When will the Prime Maid learn? He now needs to grow a set of ..... be assertive and show Mugabe that he will not be used in such a manner. once Bob is done with him he is going to dump him. relationships are 50/50 but not this one. the list grows whats next.


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