Mugabe and Tsvangirai Cynically Trying to "Fool The World" - SA Journalists

The"Rt Honourable Prime Minister" (as Mugabe prefers to address Tsvangirai in public now) seen here at the press ocnference where he announced that media was reformed on January 11. George Charamba, Mugabe's spokesman, has since told the world that the Rt Hon. PM was talking nonsense and journalists still needed to be accredited and registered

A poll conducted by the Wits University and the Institute for the Advancement of Jornalism finds that the majority of respondents think that Robert Mugabe and Tsvangirai's Unity Government are not sincere about media reform.

The poll, published here, finds that 42.9% of respondents think that "moves towards media reform in Zimbabwe are a cynical attempt by the new unity government to fool the world". Another 22% say the moves are doomed to fail.

Only 28.8% think the moves "are a hopeful sign".

This comes in response to Tsvangirai telling a press conference where he announced his capitulation to Mugabe on Permanent Secretaries that there was no need for journalists to register to operate in Zimbabwe because of media reforms put in place by Mugabe on January 11, before the Unity Government was formed.

It appears no one believes a word of it. Especially now that George Charamba, one of the powers behind Mugabe, has made it clear that the Prime Minister was talking nonsense and insisted that journalists have to register.

Of course, we all know that should any Smart Alec journalist try to come and report from Zimbabwe, they will be arrested. With the Prime Minister unable to protect his aides and even his own Deputy Minister of Agriculture nominee from detention and arrest, what journalist would put faith in the intervention of the PM to get them out when they are arrested?

Meantime, I ran into this example of Zimbabwean talent and ingenuity on YouTube. Quite brilliant, considering it is being done by Zimbabweans with no professional equipment. This, by the way, is a remix of an extremely popular song locally. The song is orginally by a religious sect in Zimbabwe.

That it was mixed like this has apparently got up the nose of quite a few Zimbabweans who are urging the author to remove it from YouTube for the sake of his "soul"!


  1. Hello:

    I saw your web-blog. I think it is excellent. Iam from Cuba, but I live in USA. I would like to changes links. I have 2 blogs...


  2. @RE: it is great isn't it. The original is also quite good but this one is especially good because it upsets people!!

  3. What a country...most of the time I read your posts and I get discouraged by all the games and corruption...
    Hope that one day Zimbabwe turns into the right direction...after Mugabe dies probably...

  4. Thanks for that enjoyable video Denford! As we say back home, pole pole tutafika. [slowly, slowly, Zim will get there] I like the burgeoning life in those dancers because I firmly believe that resilience and creativity, along with a full armor of the facts, will regenerate the people, the land.



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