Zimbabwe: Deputy Prime Minister Arthur Mutambara About To Be Fired

Zimbabwe's Deputy Prime Minister and President of the MDC, Arthur Mutambara, is seen here with Ben Freeth, a white farmer under siege at his farm and whose photo I have published here before, showing him beaten black and blue by people who are after his farm, which has been gazetted by Mugabe for forcible acquisition. Mutambara's future is now under threat.

Deputy Prime Minister and leader of the MDC-M is about to be fired and recalled by his party.

A rally scheduled for this weekend in the satellite town of Chitungwiza is the platform at which this action will almost certainly be taken.

Spearheading this rebellion is former St Mary's MP Job Sikhala, who is the one organising the rally.

Top of the grievances is that Arthur Mutambara, Prof. Welshman Ncube and other MDC leaders now in government have abandoned the party.

One source put it this way: "We are now headless chickens. We have no leadership as far as the people are concerned."

Sikhala and his fellow plotters are say that Mutambara has not bothered to report back to the grassroots of the party since the formation of this inclusive government. They claim that when the negotiations leading to the current Inclusive Government started, Mutambara told provincial leaders that the national leadership would be reporting back to the party grassroots on progress.

Instead, they claim, Mutambara is now busy enjoying the trappings of office and mollycoddling the dictatorship of Mugabe and has completely abandoned the structures of the MDC, which he is leader of and which is unofficially called the MDC-M.

It still remains to be seen whether the rally called by Sikhala goes ahead and whether he succeeds in his quest to recall Mutambara from the leadership of the party and from the Deputy Prime Ministership.

I doubt the action will succeed because these guys from both MDCs have been embedded into the ZANU PF so thoroughly that it is shocking.

Speaking of being embedded:

There is a development here involving the Prime Minister's office, which has only hours ago been exposed to be using CIO for certain activities. As usual, I will not publish until I have confirmed this with a couple of other sources.

You can expect that shocker to be on this blog sometime tonight.


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