We Got An Award

This Blog is extremely delighted to announce that we have been given an award, the Best Blog Thinker Award, from Mama Shujaa over at Mama Shujaa blog.

As most of you reading will know, we normally don't do awards here and when we do accept an award, it is because there is meaning behind it. This one is one of those meaningful ones.

We are quite honoured and grateful for this, the second award this blog has received in its short life. The first was when we were voted one of the Top Five Blogs For Amnesty Day by Reconstitution, based in the USA.

The Best Blog Thinker Award we have been awarded by Mama Shujaa was created by B. J. Roan who says of the award:

"This award acknowledges the values that every Blogger displays in their effort to transmit cultural, ethical, literary and personal values with each message they write. Awards like this have been created with the intention of promoting community among Bloggers. It's a way to show appreciation and gratitude for work that adds value to the Web."

I will now pass this award on to the following Bloggers: Kenyan Poet, a deep thinking and soul-nourishing blog out of Kenya, which is quite a vibrant blogging community.

Transforming Zambian Leadership, an impressive Zambian blog that I find engaging in the way it continuously questions the status quo and presents suggestions and alternative ways to raise the level of political thinking in Africa and Zambia beyond the mundane.

Afromusing, a blog that strongly advocates renewable energy, which happens to be one of my passions. I find Afromusing quite inspiring, with posts that highlight the best innovative ideas and developments coming out of Kenya and Africa.

And of course, my friend SOLOMONSYDELLE at Nigerian Curiosity, who has also just won the Best Political Blog in the just-ended Nigerian Blog Awards. Nigerian Curiosity opens up Nigeria to the world with its incisive posts about developments within the country, the latest I found engaging being the efforts to rebrand Nigeria.

Check them out and you will realise why I think so highly of them.


  1. Congrats on the award!!! You definitely deserve it and thanks for passing it on to the rest of us.

    BTW, I came here to ask a very specific question. I am reading that Zim is attempting to rebrand. What truth us there to this?

  2. @SOLOMONSYDELLE , I am great fan of both your sites, as you know!

    About your question: No Zimbabwe is NOT trying to rebrand, they are instead trying to put a donkey in a dress and ask the world to marry it!

    What they are doing is a marketing campaign for tourism, to get all those finicky foreigners from the west who are shunning the country because of travel warnings to come back and see the wonderful Victoria Falls and the breathtaking Mana Pools, Hwange, Kariba and so on.

    So, it is a marketing campaign that says, "The world is lying about us, come and see for yourself, we have not changed a bit"

    Whereas I think rebranding would have them saying, "We have changed our ways, we are new vibrant, peaceful and innovative country."

    Hope that answers your question

  3. Congrats again Denford! Congrats to you SOLOMONSYDELLE, I've been by your blogs and I thoroughly enjoy them. I will make sure I stop by Transforming Zambia, Afromusing and Kenyan Poet.

    Jumping on the question at hand, Zim's branding initiative will be a hard sell because of the beating that Mugabe/Zimbabwe has taken, deservedly or undeservedly. Kenya is also attempting to remarket itself, esp. following the violence in December 2008; Nigeria is doing the same. The problem is that folks are doing it so blatantly, that the public will not buy it. I mean, instead of starting at the grassroots (like Obama's campaign did, slowly but surely), they are using the same people, the same policies...Africans are skeptical.

    It's like I take a 1960 oldsmobile and give it a paint job. Meanwhile there is no A.C., no radio, only goes 50 MPH on the highway; then I sell it off as brand new. Any takers out there in my book will buy the Kenya, Nigeria and Zimbabwe branding!

  4. Congratulations for the award.For some one to consider and award your blog, that means there is something in it or about it that stands out above the rest, and worth of recognising. Keep it up, we all enjoy and like it. Ever since I visited this blog I have been glued to it. I am somehow getting married to it.

  5. @ Denfod: "they are instead trying to put a donkey in a dress and ask the world to marry it!"

    my brother, you are so eloquent in a way that I strive to be. lol! Thanks for your insight.

    @ Mama Shujaa: "instead of starting at the grassroots ..., they are using the same people, the same policies...Africans are skeptical.

    Don't mind them. Its a shame the absolute disrespect and disdain our 'leaders' have for us.

  6. You are educating the world. You deserve whatever honors come your way.


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