The Shocking Deal Between Mugabe and Tsvangirai

For the next parliamentary elections, the MDC-T and ZANU PF have agreed to split Zimbabwe in half as if it is their private property.

According to this deal, revealed by impeccable sources, the MDC-T will field candidates in the the urban areas of Zimbabwe, with ZANU PF fielding candidates in the rural areas. The objective is to have yet another coalition government after the next elections, with Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai ("or his nominee/successor) retaining the Pm post, while Mugabe or his successor/nominee retains the presidency of Zimbabwe.

Just today, I have spent a good one hour on the phone with the Prime Minister's office trying to pin them down on this story.

They refuse to confirm or deny it. Judge for yourself their response and tell me whether you do not smell a rat here. A very big rat.

The response from the PM's office was as follows on phone: "Right now, we are fighting to smoothen relationships within this transitional government." That was their first line. When I kept pressing for an answer, I was then told:

"The MDC will continue to exist, we are a separate party to ZANU PF, which will also continue to exist."

I was looking for a yes or no answer and it never came. Instead, all I got was this slipperiness.

Under these circumstances, I have no option but to conclude that the deal really was struck and, as my sources say, it is just waiting for an "opportune time" to be announced.

All I can say is that, by agreeing to this deal, the MDC-T are the ones losing. You see, Mugabe knows that he has to write off the urban areas. He will never win there. His popularity with urbanites is ZERO and is likely to remain that way for some time. So Mugabe would never win anyway even if he ran in the cities and towns.

The MDC-T, on the other hand, can indeed make inroads and win the rural areas. Their popularity there has been increasing (especially prior to the Inclusive government).

By agreeing to this deal, they are throwing away their chance to win an outright majority and rule the country by themselves, all things being equal.

Yes, I do understand that the MDC-T may have come to the conclusion that they will never be "allowed" to run the country by themselves (by the military and those phantom "hardliners" Mugabe speaks of), but they could have at least tried.

Still, it appears as though the deal is done, especially considering the slipperiness of the PM's office on the issue today.

By agreeing to remain in perpetual opposition on the basis that they will get the Premiership of the country, is the MDC not selling out the hopes of its supporters? And will those supporters accept it?

I do know that the Prime Minister says that he is so popular within his party that he can sell them anything and they will fall in line with whatever he decides, but he may be biting off more than he can chew here.

Time will tell, but there are also very strong indications now that this Inclusive government may actually last for more than two years, maybe as much as five years. Too many people within the government are giving this indication for it to be mere rumour.

If that does indeed happen, then it will also be confirmation of this deal that they have struck. 

At least now we know. But have these two parties considered that Zimbabwe is not their to carve out like a cake? There are other parties in the offing, not bound by this agreement at all. ZAPU has come back into its own (the PM apparently dismisses it, saying that Matabeleland "is mine" - that is how confident he is.)

And what of the MDC-M, which apparently has been considered such an insignificant player that it is not part of these Nicodemus moves between Mugabe and Tsvangirai? What will they do with this party?

I think we should all brace ourselves because the political landscape in Zimbabwe is about to get a lot more interesting.


  1. it seems that a psychiatric approach to governance is emerging. I hope it includes the appropriate meds for the two leaders obvious case of Schizophrenia.

  2. Denford Magora
    With all due respect, I love your articles that mostly unearth secret information from both parties (MDC &ZANU PF) but I would like to point out a few things that I think are very detrimental to us most Zimbabweans.
    1. Whilst MDC is trying to get a grip of the scandalous Mugabe’s strategies, you on the other hand you are busy divulging what MDC is planning or about to do and whoever Tsvangirai has been talking to. Remember Zanu PF also read your blog and when you are shading light to them like that what type of roll are you playing for the benefit of Zimbabweans? I feel like you are selling us out more than you are helping. You are playing a roll of an instigator (in Karanga we call it VaMugwise – a person that instigate other people to fight or have a fracas) rather than helping.

    2. Concerning the appointments, you have been criticizing the MDC for being sidelined, which I feel is very wrong. All the appointments that the MDC complained and signed for in the GNU have not been appointed all as yet. You spoke about Gono and Tomana, one way or the other; those guys have to be removed for that power sharing to be a success. That was the issue the last SADC Summit agreed on that Gono, Tomana, Ambassadors, secretaries must be reappointed. This issue is still pending so you cannot really say Mugabe 2 Tsvangirai 0. What you are doing is kumhanyira kumedza kutsenga kuchada. Next week the RBZ issue will be visited in cabinet and you and I do not know what will be the out come.
    Historically, I have never seen a government that accept a power sharing deal like that and see everything going smoothly without set backs here and there. Even Mugabe himself, when he agreed to share power with Ian Smith, he have 3 assassination attempts on him, sabotaged by the Rhodesian Police, bombs were being planted in offices, cars and letters that were going to Mugabe, and this was happening after he won the elections. My brother, whenever there are two political entities fighting for a total grip there is always some scuffles involved. Although I am not a supporter of MDC but I support their cause, to bring democracy and freedom in that country, we fought for that freedom but since 1980 we have never been free. Now that we have a few Zimbabweans with some guts to confront Mugabe lets not just write articles to frustrate their struggle. Let’s empower them.
    You should know better because of your bad experience with Zanu PF instruments such as the CIO. I used to read articles in the newspapers about CIO paying you visits in Glen Norah in the early hours of the morning, read about yours escapes. So why try to frustrate the cause? Remember MDC do not have the police, the army or guns. They are just talking and do not have enforcing instruments, so change will take a while to be noticed. Give them a chance and some advice; do not just wait to criticize please. And stop using makuhwa as your source of information. I know Zimbabweans very well, they have a big mouth, they like to divulge information that they do not have enough grasp of.
    You can contact me at: – Enock Mamvura, Canada

  3. This ia all deja vu..remember the Zanu / Zapu 'unity agreement'?
    What has in fact happened is that MDC has been swallowed up , especially its leadership. With the Mercs, forex salaries etc. that they are now enjoying, none of them will be prepared to give this up and do the right thing, - continue to fight Mugabe until he can no longer treat Zimbabwe like his persnal property.
    This National Unity government was always going to be a farce and nothing more. Mugabe has MDC exactly where he wants them, their noses in the trough. They now will not have the courage or need to stand up to him as they have got aboard the grave train. Rest in peace, MDC and like I said, deja vu....


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