Mugabe Tells Tsvangirai To "Mind His Own Business" On The Commonwealth

Mugabe and Tsvangirai are looking in different directions on everything except the need to get money from the West to revive Zimbabwe's economy

Dictator Robert Mugabe has told Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai that he should forget about repairing relations with the British Commonwealth, from which Zimbabwe withdrew after it had been suspended for violation of human rights.

I am reliably told that Mugabe reminded Tsvangirai that according to the Constitution of Zimbabwe, he, as Head of State, had sole authority when it comes to international agreements.

Effectively, Mugabe was telling Tsvangirai to mind his own business and leave the matter of the membership of Zimbabwe in the Commonwealth to the Head of State. The dictator vowed that Zimbabwe will not return to the Commonwealth as long as he is still leading the country.

Tsvangirai had brought up the subject in the context of "reintegrating" Zimbabwe into the international community, pointing out that there would be material advantages to Zimbabwe being a member of the Commonwealth.

This raises the question of just what sort of "policy formulation authority" the Prime Minister has. Suggesting re-engaging the Commonwealth is certainly a policy initiative. But the President clearly thinks this is one of many areas where the Prime Minister's mandate does not apply.

Mugabe apparently believes that going back to ask to be part of this group is tantamount to being colonised again. He especially objects to what he calls the "dictatorship of Britain" in the grouping of former colonies.


  1. I know not the best way forward for the country, rejoin or stay out, of the commonwealth. However rejoing would give so many benefits. As always, thank you for the insight, knowledge and information.

  2. just look at them.
    let me caption this photo for you please

    The Two Stooges Return - starring
    "The Geriatric and the Pimp"
    this episode we find them standing at the crossroads of hell and fire;
    We Wonder which way they'll herd Zimbabwe next.
    stay tuned same damn channel same damn issues


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