MDC-T Lying About The Blood-stained Vehicles Given To Their MPs

Proof that things that things are being done the ZANU PF way in the Incusive Government of Morgan Tsvangirai. These banners are a staple of ZANU PF functions and are printed at ZANU PF companies. They were prominent at the Independence Celebrations on Saturday, where Morgan Tsvangirai was in attendance. The Prime Minister's office told the Zimbabwe Standard that, although Morgan Tsvangirai had begged Mugabe to be allowed to address the gathering, Mugabe told his Prime Minister to bugger off, sit there and listen

There is apparent confusion about whether MDC MPs have returned the bloodstained cars they got from Reserve Bank Governor Gideon Gono to Tendai Biti's office. Or to anybody for that matter.

The MDC are patently lying.

None of the parties involved, not ZANU PF, not MDC-T, not MDC-M - not even parliament, have revealed the number of MPs from the Tsvangirai MDC, especially, who have accepted the cars.

Nelson Chamisa, that disemboweled Minister of Nothing, who is also the spokesman for Tsvangirai's party, announced that the opposition MPs had returned the cars. He did not say who they were or how many had originally taken the cars.

Still, he says the cars have been returned by the MPs. 

To whom?

Tendai Biti, the Minister of Finance, to whom Gono said the cars should be delivered, said yesterday in an interview with the state media that he did not want those cars anywhere near his offices.

He said the vehicles should instead be delivered to parliament, to be left in the custody of the Speaker of Parliament.

The Speaker of Parliament, the MDC Tsvangirai's Lovemore Moyo, responded by telling the state media that he also did not want them in his custody.

He says this issue has nothing to do with him and he does not want to get involved. Gono and Biti should sort out their own mess, is his stance.

So, this begs the question: if the cars have not been delivered to Biti's office and they have not been delivered into the custody of the Speaker of Parliament, to whom did these MPs who supposedly returned them hand them over?

We know that they are not back at the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe.

They are still with their new owners, the Members of Parliament.

To buttress this, today, state media reports that the Parliamentary Committee in charge of the welfare of legislators has announced that they will not return the cars until "the last tractor" given out during the Farm Mechanisation Programme is returned to the authorities, as per Gono's provocative document issued on Monday.

Chaired by a ZANU PF legislator, the Committee also includes six MPs from Tsvangirai's MDC. So, while Chamisa is claiming that MDC MPs have returned the cars, his own MPs in this Committee are declaring that they have not returned them and will not do so.

The MDC-T basically want to claim the moral high ground while they sit in a sewer of moral filth. They want to mislead the public. Can't blame them: they are used to having their cake and eating it.

They are being aided and abetted in this by "journalists" on all sides, in and outside Zimbabwe, who have prostituted themselves to the MDC-T and now act like Public Relations operatives of Tsvangirai's party.

The worst culprits appear to be online media, who have been at the forefront of spreading the disinformation that the MDC-T has now developed a moral spine and has returned the murderous vehicles.

This diversionary tactic is not working within Zimbabwe, although it may work with people living outside our borders, who have swallowed this tripe.

There are substantive issues at stake here that should be engaging our attention.

Such as, for instance, the null and void statements from Tsvangirai. We were told there was a meeting on Monday of all the principals and their underlings at Zimbabwe House, Mugabe's preferred office.

Have you heard anything since? No.

And that is because the MDC-T has been defeated in its quest to reverse Mugabe's actions on Nelson Chamisa, the permanent secretaries and a whole host of other things that they said were "outstanding issues."

The dictator has asserted his dictatorial authority and the MDC-T are powerless to do anything about it.

I keep bringing this up because, while the attention of the new government of Morgan Tsvangirai is caught up in these fruitless power games, people are still dying, service delivery is still suffering, Zimbabwe is still teetering on the brink.

In essence, even on the things the MDC-T has power to make a difference, they are sitting back, letting the country go to the dogs because they believe it more important to fight for cushy jobs (in which they will do nothing, just as they are doing nothing in the cushy jobs they already have at local government and national government level).

This government, on both the MDC and ZANU PF side, is not interested in changing the fortunes of Zimbabwe. The MDC should bear the maximum blame here because, when you look at it, they indeed have done nothing in the ninety days they have been in power.

The dollarisation of Zimbabwe (allowing use of foreign currency) is NOT their policy. It was announced in January by Gideon Gono and Patrick Chinamasa, then acting minister of Finance (both of whom are ZANU PF).

That dollarisation was announced while Tsvangirai and his supporters were refusing to join the Inclusive government because they had not been given comfortable enough seats on the gravy train.

That dollarisation is the most significant policy initiative in Zimbabwe for some years now and it has indeed started lessening the suffering of the people through filling supermarket shelves. But it is woefully inadequate.

The payment of salaries to civil servants in foreign currency? That was also Gideon Gono and Patrick Chinamasa, ZANU PF people. The only difference is that ZANU PF announced this policy move saying the civil servants would be given "vouchers" with which to purchase groceries at shops selling in foreign currency, whereas Biti then came in and said no vouchers would be given and the civil servants would instead access the US$100 as hard cash from their banks.

Even the MDC councils, who have been in control for years now, still sit back and watch as the cities rot, with burst water pipes all over Harare wasting hundreds of thousands of litres of treated water. This while high-density, poorer townships go without water for months on end, fuelling diseases like cholera.

The truth of the matter is that the MDC have no ideas about turning this country around, except for asking the West to give them money, which money will, as surely as the sun will rise tomorrow, be abused, "eaten" and misappropriated as well by the new crop of MDC administrators, since they have now shown that they are as corrupt as ZANU PF


  1. "The truth of the matter is that the MDC have no ideas about turning this country around, except for asking the West to give them money, which money will, as surely as the sun will rise tomorrow, be abused, "eaten" and misappropriated as well by the new crop of MDC administrators, since they have now shown that they are as corrupt as ZANU PF" If only the Zimbabwe electorate knew the truth of this statement come March 29, 2008, they would have been wiser and voted Simba Makoni for President. Analyses and truths such as this should be cornerstones of the MKD party where real issues are given prominence ahead of useless sloganeering and high-sounding but empty promises.

  2. Hi Denford

    I always thought i was in the minority who believe the MDC is a bunch of opportunist, who have no organisational competency, they have not done a single thing to prove me that they can be able to function. i had a lengthy discussion with one Honarable Edward Davy (MP) liberal democrats UK, i shared my views with him and to my surprise he shared the same views. The MP highlighted that this guys seemed not to understand the strategic policy formulation. They seem overshadowed only getting aid and being in power, he continued.I told in 2006 that one day the west will get tired of funding and our dear Morgan will be sidelined and will have no option but give in. I was right the MDC have indeed given in as they was evident DONOR FATIGUE, for the past ten years i have upto today to realise a single project they have done on the grass roots.Using the funds they got from the donors.
    On the grass root, Mr Denford i can task you to investigate how many people within Harare Know their MP and what they have done for the constituency in the last 10 years? If you get a 10% correct response rate, i will wash your car for you ha ha

    In another instant one guy asked the MDC UK executives to produce an income and expenditure report for the donations the members had been making. Mr Makuvise said it was imposible, citing that you should just pay we know wat to do we the money.
    It is this very Makuvise who was charging £80 for an MDC card renewed annually, this charge was charged mostly asylum seekers (unemployed)who had no choice and would receive no help from the MDC in the Diaspora.
    To conclude Mr denford, continue reporting on this unbiased blog. Lets attack those who do not like fair political space but just like putting LIPSTICK ON A PIG so that it just looks nice even tho it is ------.

  3. @ Bhule
    Edward Davy is the MP for my constituency (Surbiton) and his office (constituency surgery they call it) is a stone's throw from my house.You had a chat with him, you see he is saying the same things I have been telling MDC blind disciples in UK which resulted in me being called names. Lets hear what they have to say now.
    I felt pity and shame for the things that our fellow Zimbabweans in UK were made to do in the belief that the MDC will support their false Asylum claims, imagine £80.00 for an MDC membership card, made to sing all night at Zimbabwe house chanting derogatives at anyone who is wise enough to see through MDC foolishness and naivety.
    If these Makuvises and their MDC genuinely wanted to help the so called exiles or asylum seekers who will be facing persecution, they should have done it for free and in good faith, not that naked extortion.The MDC's actions made Zimbabweans to be viewed with disdain by any moron or rascal out there. MDC stripped Zimbos of their dignity, even citizens of seriously troubled and failing nations like Somalia are treated with respect over Zimbos.
    That is why I personally have sworn that never ever will I have tea with MDC, though in MDC there are politicians I have respect for, most of whom went on to the Mutambara faction.
    Above all Simba Makoni stands tall, nothing so far can make me think otherwise. I have held this view for close to fifteen years now.I actually found this blog, when I was searching on the internet about what happened to Simba after the elections, whether there is anything being worked out to carry on with the struggle for the Change that we want, the kind of change that MDC has so far denied us and is never likely to give us.I even visited Simba's official presidential campaign website, but found that it was not even updated and there was nothing current till I got to this blog.
    Those in MDC I have argued with before and later I happen to be proved correct in every issue we have argued, starting from the economic sanctions to the MDC's power games even the Makuvise's and crew. I hope they will now take me seriously when I tell them Dr Simba Makoni is the man who can bring the change that we want, that we have been denied.
    MDC UK executive can not produce an income and expenditure report for donations, I have said it before that those people who were giving in to the extortion should never expect one, because that money is being squandered whether they wanted to believe me or not and dismissed me as some anti MDC who wanted to see MDC dead, then well let see if that is going to be accounted for. I told most of such desperate so called asylum seekers that "Ana mbuya venyu varikutambura kumusha imi muchipa anaMakuvise mari dzekuti vadye zvavo". Kukanzura mashift vachiswera vachiimba paZimbabwe House, kuzvifumura, Where are they now? Everything zvati fototo, mari dzemarema dzakadyiwa.Zimbabweans should get ready to see what real, mature and responsible politics is.Watch out for Simba's MKD.

  4. I am not for GNU but your blog is just a platform for showing your personal hatred for MDC Tsvangirai and Mutambara(especially Tsvangirai).I am convinced you are taking this negative stance on Tsvangirai because Makoni was not included in GNU.If Makoni was in GNU you would be singing a different tune.You are a great gossiper and after all is said people like myself realise that you are just hurt because your Mavambo party was not included in GNU.You wish you were Makoni's James Maridadi.

    You call Nelson Chamisa Minister of Nothing?You are very happy that Mugabe is terrorising the young man.

    Does Makoni have any idea about turning the country around?You are just being shortsighted.You are frustrated because Makoni was left out of GNU.Be open minded Denford.You won't fool everyone.

    If you are to own a newspaper you wil be another Herald.Zimbabwe doesn't need this anymore.

  5. I liken our situation to a child sports star who has grown a into a drug addiction and every doctor, every agent, every psychiatrist, talkshow has an idea how to get the start back to the top. Except there has to be a family spokesperson who will make binding decisions such as choosing the agent etc. And because the agents are so powerful enough to sway the family members into accepting their choice of spokesperson, the family members don’t need to bother themselves with swaying their other family members, but only need to show up in as far as saying the right things, doing the right things so the agents can make a choice. In the end no one cares about the star’s life: need to get a personal trainer, work hard, kick the habit, get healthy over a period of time and do what is needed! The agent’s money will do all that.

    Zimbabwe has generated so much interest around the world such that every brilliant mind, and every rich “country club” wants in. And because we have attracted the best minds, deepest pockets, and most influential, who can in turn prescribe the best medicine why bother tackling the grinding issues and risk rubbing the “agents” wrong way? Right now the focus just seems to be to win the agents over and the rest of Zimbabweans will follow. And if anything at all has to be done, its only because “we have to please the agents” aka donors. Fire Gono because we need to have the right people so donors can release money. Stop land invasions because we need to show progress so donors can release money. Biti needs Finance portfolio so donors can release money. Stop violence so donors can release money.

    Last week our DPM Mutambara was quoted as having said “Let’s tap the talent abroad and use it to market Zimbabwe as a good investment destination and invite tourists to Zimbabwe,” he said. Really, is that all? Noone is prepared to sit down the farmers, the politicians, war vets/youths and those with offer letters to work a way out. In one week that problem will be over! Instead both sides will continue getting offers to help them “sort” out the problems from hungry youths looking to benefit from assisting a “shef” or baas! And politicians will keep having press conferences from the comfort of their offices and passing the buck.

    The fight from the opposition continues to be that of proving to the agents how much muscle they have over Zanu. I am even getting the vibe that we’re already calling for another opposition party only because the MDC has failed to “please the agents”.

  6. @Viomak, you once left a comment on this blog during the time Tsvangirai was refusing to join the government because "he would be a junior partner with responsibility but no authority" Yet now that Tsvangirai has gone into that government and is being proved to be just such a junior partner, you want to defend this?

    Now, all of a sudden, you think it is alright for your MPs to drive around in pick trucks that have the blood of murdered MDC supporters sloshing around in their loadbays?

    The thought does not sicken you?

    For me, it has been clear for at least four months now that you, Viomak, are nothing but blind sheep, following Tsvangirai and the MDC-T unquestioningly.

    We don't need this in Zimbabwe. What we need is critical examination of issues in order to ensure that we will never have another Mugabe.

    You ask if Makoni has any ideas.

    He does, but you will not read them because you are Tsvangirai's sheep, so although Makoni has extensively published his ideas for turning the country around, which ideas have been praised far and wide.

    You hate Makoni, so even if his ideas were plonked in front of you, you will look the other way because you have blinkers on that make you see only Tsvangirai.

    As for us wanting to be in the Inclusive government, ASK THE MDC THEMSELVES: THEY HAVE OFFERED MAKONI AT LEAST THREE JOBS IN CABINET. He turned them down flat on all occasions.

    Only two weeks ago, a member of the PMs office told me that this is one of the reasons "we don't have any time for Makoni anymore, he was offered so many opportunities by us and he refused to work with us."

    Of course he did. He does not want to be part of a gravy train. He wants a sustainable future based on PRINCIPLED LEADERSHIP, not eating and being corrupt.

    I will let you continue to defend the fact that Tsvangirai's MPs are driving around in the cars that were used to murder their supporters.

    I just wonder how you sleep at night.

  7. Denford you are very right yes we need critical thinkers and writers too,but you are not being one of them on this blog.All you are doing here is spreading hearsay from your close allies in mdc and zanupf.I don't call this critical thinking.You are just gossiping here my brother.You are an interested party out to tarnish the image of your rivals.I'm not saying MDC is a perfect party,but the way you write your stories here leaves a lot to be desired.The billion dollar question is,

    If Mavambo had been included in GNU were you going to take this stance you are taking now?

    I'm sure Makoni has always been for GNU meaning if someone had approached him he was going to join the gravy train.Were you still going to call GNU a gravy train?Remember you were still going to remain his spokesman.An honest answer from you will be greatly appreciated.

    You have really proved that you don't know what you are talking about.Hanzvadzi I think you are being childish,but this doesn't mean you a child.I don't support any political party.I am non partisan.I look at facts and the truth and say out my views with no attachment to anyone.Search Zimbabwe Circus on the internet.You will see that I am non partisan.For your info many MDC supporters don't like me because whenever I get the opportunity I remind them of Tsvangirai's weaknesses and like zanupf supporters they don't want to hear the truth.So they have since labelled me a prostitute.

    However,I see some degree of understanding and respect for one's views in you but my problem with this blog is you are not being sincere.

    The only politicians I hate in Zimbabwe are Mugabe and zanupf.Hanzvadzi if people air their views against what you say it doesn't mean they hate Makoni and support MDC.This is another big problem in Zimbabwe.If anyone speaks against someone you are labelled otherwise.Actually I have natural love for Makoni ,Mutambara and Tsvangirai for they are my home boys.

    Why do you say I hate Makoni hanzvadzi?Because I said your blog is a personal attack against Tsvangirai and Mutambara?My views about your blog are innocent.The way you write your articles show a hidden agenda deep within you.Let's learn to analyse issues with open minds.That way we will prosper as a nation.If we continue with this kind of attitude that is within you then we are in for another Mugabe era.It's not nice to constantly look for failures in MDC.The way you do it hanzvadzi shows that you are trying very hard to pull MDC down.They make mistakes like all of us.Let's leave these personal agendas behind us.

    Stop being an agent out to unnecessarily tarnish
    the MDC's image because Mavambo was not included in GNU.That's how I view your blog according to the reports you feed us.It's good if Makoni turned the job offers down.I'm not for GNU too,but I'm not sure though if Makoni was going to refuse an offer to join GNU.Do you know if anyone approacged him about joining the so called gravy train? If so what did he say?You really need to be clever enough when dealing with these African politicians.

    The last thing that I would do is to support what MDC is doing.Getting involved in car squabbles whilst the nation continues to bleed as if they were fighting for luxury cars.I'm sure all the mavhoterapapi victims etc didn't die for Chamisa and company to have a mercedes benzs and prados at the expense of the poor people who voted for them.

    Actually I now call MDC a MOVEMEMNT FOR DEMOCRATIC CARS.This is me Denford.I look at reality and I say out my mind with no hidden agenda.I respect freedom of expression/opinion but here on your blog I see a pulling down syndrome on your part.You are trying very hard to pull MDC down only for the reason that Mavambo was not included in GNU.I could be wrong but that's how I view your articles and the purpose of this blog.

    My post said nothing about supporting MDC MP's owning trucks whilst the masses are suffering.I don't support such kind of greediness and selfishness.Only a few months back they were fighting against Zanupf's mismanagement of funds only to forget their cause as soon as they started dining with the devil. I will never rejoice about the suffering of masses whilst leaders roam in luxury cars.I am a very open minded person hanzvadzi.I don't criticise politicians for personal reasons like you do here.I'm sure the day GNU fails will be the happiest day in your life.

    Makoni is cool and reserved.He's a nice person too it's only that he dined with Dabengwa the zanupf crook thats why I don't respect him anymore.Tsvangirai is very fatherly and nice too.However he's too weak minded to be a good leader.Mtambara is fine,but I think he's too childish for such a high post.Mugabe doesn't exist anymore on my list of human beings.

    I hope my post has made sense.

  8. @Viomak: I suggest you go back and reflect carefully because this latest comment of yours is full of contradictions.

    You say: "I see some degree of understanding and respect for one's views in you but my problem with this blog is you are not being sincere."

    But you do not back that accusation of being insincere with a single fact. Not a single one.

    The problem with guys like you is that you come here when there is a "sensational" article and base your opinion only on that.

    Only three weeks ago, a reader from Botswana said I was "anti-Tsvangirai" and then came back four days later after having gone through the archives to say:

    "I Like your balanced reporting on this blog..." simply because he had come across other articles that gave him a holistic view of the blog.

    As for Makoni and GNU: he was indeed the first person to call for a Transitional Authority (which MDC supporters dismissed, saying they were going to take over the country completely and the GNU was a ZANU PF idea and therefore Makoni was ZANU PF.

    Yet when their leader then went for the GNU, all of sudden they are defending it.

    It goes back again to a stance like yours, where people do not look at the issues or ideas but at personalities.

    Makoni's idea of a GNU is diametrically different to teh creature we have now and that is why he is against this particular GNU.

    He would never have joined it as it is constituted now because it is not the sort of GNU that he envisioned and he said from the outset that it is a creature that is designed to fail.

    He is being proved correct.

    You say I look for failures of the MDC. Yet you also go on to say they make mistakes "like everyone else"

    So when they make the mistakes, I should not point them out?

    Only three days ago I wrote on this blog that one thing even Tsvangirai's enemies agree on is that the man has a dogged determination.

    But the problem is that, when you are trying to drive a car whose engine has been taken out, no matter how dogged you are in your determination, you will not get that car to move.

    But your view is that I should not point this out?

    I know you, and like I said before, you have left comments here before and from those it is very clear that you think that the job of analysts of commentators should be to cover up for the "mistakes" (as you call them) of Tsvangirai and the MDC.

    It is this that will give us another Mugabe.

    Leaders need to know that they are not God and when we make those mistakes, we will point them out, otherwise, trying to cover up for them gives them the boldness to go ahead and make even more mistakes because they know these will be ignored.

    This is not a praise-singing blog.

    Let me tell you the reason why I have so much respect for Makoni:

    When I started this blog, we agreed that this was a personal blog, personal space on which I would write my views and analyses and comments.

    And I have done that exactly.

    I can tell you that there are at least three articles on this blog that Makoni was very unhappy with.

    He has sat down with me after each of them and told me why he was unhappy and gave me his counter-views, which I disagreed with.

    BUT, the very first time this happened, I was amazed because I thought "Oh, there goes my job" but he then went on to say that he did not subscribe to the view that I should think like him on everything.

    I remember his comments clearly, "I can work with anyone as long as we have a common broader vision. I do not want to work with sheep or with people who only think like I do, otherwise I will be another Mugabe."

    So, knowing that my views differ from his on some points, he still thinks this is a good thing because it engenders debate and makes us all better people.

    This is why have such respect for him.

    In any case, you will always have your views because you want Tsvangirai's "mistakes" to be swept under the carpet.

    That makes any discussion with you futile, because one can never argue with sheep, all you get back is baah baah baah

    You have your opinion. I have mine.

    If you are serious, engage the issues as they come. Come here with your counter argument to my arguments.

    If you stick to your transparent attempts to discredit me personally because you have no other led to stand on, then you are only making yourself look silly.

    You are a regular at Nyarota's Zimbabwe Times, which follows Tsvangirai without questioning anything he does and you never seem to think there is nothing wrong.

    Perhaps you should stick with him and fool each other into believing that Morgan is Jesus and everyone who points out his mistakes his the Devil.

    I have certainly never lost any sleep over that stance. I pity people who think like that because they have been programmed by slogans.

  9. Denford
    Very soon people are going to be saying “I am not an MDC Supporter" before they post their comments here. You should learn to accept that people can still have opinions different to yours and be non-supporters of MDC. I for one have a soft spot for Simba but I don’t always agree with your opinions and analysis but that doesn't make me an MDC supporter. You should take a leaf from what Simba told you about him being able to work with you even when you disagree with him sometimes.

    I visit your blog daily because I get a different perspective to what’s on NewZimbabwe and the Zimbabwe Times website. I believe that every different opinion is worth to listen to because people look at things from different perspectives and whats important to you might not be important to me but that doesn’t make your point invalid.

    Looking forward to that future time when people will be free to express their opinions without being pre-judged and labeled enemies of MDC, Simba, GNU etc. I sincerely hope the MKD will give us that platform.

  10. @Tatenda - thanks for visiting the blog daily. I think we need to differentiate between someone having a different opinion (which we then can debate) and someone who is making a personal attack on a person who holds those opinions.

    For instance, the issue under discussion in this story is the lying of MDC-T that their Mps have returned those cars.

    I present the case that they have not, quoting Tendai Biti and the Speaker of Parliament to back up my views.

    Then someone comes along and says "you hate MDC, you are gossiper etc" and they go away.

    How does that constitute holding a view different to mine on the story under discussion?

    If they had come here and said no, those MPs have indeed returned the cars, the MDC are not lying and I have the following facts on which to base my views that you are wrong, then we would have had a civilised conversation.

    It is like the people who are leaving comments here telling me that they are going to kill me before the year is out.

    How does that constitute a view different to mine?

    All I ask is that we play the ball and not the man.

    However, when one comes with emotion that says "leave Tsvangirai alone" then I see that as retrogressive because it does not help us to help the MDC see where it is going wrong.

    That is the job of third party observers - to point out where the politicians are going wrong and hope that they can either make us see where we are going wrong in that analysis or acknowledge that they are indeed going off on a tangent.

    It is a case of issues versus personalities and MDC supporters are very good at dodging the issue and going for the personality.


    Because they can not argue on the facts, so they seek to threaten to kill the person bringing up the facts or to smear them.

  11. A 5th grade student in the US already knows of the different ways in which a Bill can be brought onto the national agenda so it can be discussed in Congress. They are told of interest groups, lobbyists, personal reasons, and accidental reasons by which something can be put on the agenda. By the time an item is on the agenda, you have to discuss and vote on its merits….the history of how it got there can be known, but what becomes relevant is the vote….yes or no.

    Now what we are still to learn as Zimbabweans is that there are many reasons that issues can be brought on to the agenda. There will be personal, interests groups, accidental and all types of reasons out there. It doesn’t matter whether Denford has a personal vendetta against Morgan or Bob… it true? For crying out loud its his own personal blog so what do you expect….not to air his personal views? The question is should we all agree with his personal views and motivations for why he puts stories on his personal blog?

    This is such a classic example of what is wrong with middle aged Zimbabweans…where there is no platform for younger generation to spring from. I tell you they all have a philanthropists approach to politics where they sit you down to “school you”. Yet all that comes out of it is (i) A narration of Mugabe’s evils and conclusion that you need to hate the evil guy. (ii) You need to love Tsvangirai because he is not Mugabe! Save for the fact that you need to agree with me, there is no objective, there is no vision, there is no sense of belonging, there is no motivation, nothing! You know Denford, I can sense another wave of nationalistic extremism a decade from now in retaliation to this mentality prevalent in middle aged Zimbabwe today. There is no direction, there is no pride, and all we have is a culture of playing victim and now extending the begging bowl. Somalians, Afghanistans are more proud than we are and you do not see them playing hopeless victims!

  12. @ Tatenda and Viomak,
    You have to be very grateful to Denford because he is even publishing all the trush throne at him, and responding to you giving his side. May you do the same to New Zimbabwe and Nyarota's Zimbabwe times and write to them telling them that they are just Anti Zanu Pf, they hate Mugabe, they should leave him alone, and see whether that will ever be published or discussed. It goes straight into the trash folder, which he will empty ten times to make sure it disappears.
    When Mnangagwa was demoted to Minister of some obscure Ministry about rural things, people were openly saying he was minister of headmen and vidcos, every one even those in zanu Pf accepted that it was a demotion. But when Denford calls Nelson Chamisa a Minister of Nothing, all anger is exuded at him, they tell you hate the young minister, are you happy about what Mugabe did? No, he is simply saying as it is that his ministry has been stripped of what constituted something about that ministry, what he is left with is as good as nothing.Which is very true, he never said whether he was for or against the stripping of Chamisa's ministry. Every one should accept that in the same way they accepted Mnangagwa's demotion.
    Tatenda, I think Denford has taken a leaf from Dr Simba Makoni, by allowing you to air your diverse views and opinions on his blog and engaging you on the issues you raise, surely he is working with you despite the disagreements you have.
    A lot of people, be they MDC supporters, sympathisers or apolitical as they might claim have created an angelic version of MDC and Tsvangirai, a houlier than thou approach, an infallible character, whoever scrutinises and critic any of their shortcomings is seen as committing a capital offence, and should be put before a firing squad.
    When one reports on issues that are happening and challenge a particular view, there is no need to be quick to say its only MDC you attack, you must attack Zanu PF aswell.MDC MP's accepted Gono's cars, after there were indications that they will not accepted blood tainted cars. Zanu Pf MPs never said they were not going to accept those cars. So when Denford writes about MDC MPs accepting cars they had vowed not to accept, you can not expect him to scrounge wherever to find a similar story involving Zanu Pf so as to counter balance the wrongs or the stories.
    I have never seen that anywhere, whereby wherever there is a story about a Zanu Pf MP, then the author is expected to get a similar story about MDC MP to place next to that, so as to compare and contrast.
    Viomak, if a public office bearer does something that tarnishes their own image, and a blogger writes about that, who is tarnishing whose image.Should that not be written, discussed and criticised. You seem to say that especially when one happens to be the houlier than thou MDC.You are wrong there, very very wrong indeed.One can be labelled to be deliberately tarnishing one's image, if they write lies about those people. So lets hear from you, and point out that this and that is a lie, the truth is this. Ukagona izvozvo, ndingafare kwazvo mwanangu.

  13. @Nyatsimba Mutota, I think you have hit the nail on the head. There are instances, you will recall, when you differed with my opinion or analysis on this blog and you said so in your comments.

    I never responded to those differences you had with me by calling you an MDC or ZANU PF supporter and people need to ask themselves why.

    It is because you always engage the issue under discussion and not the personalities.

    This is what we all need in Zimbabwe.

    Because certainly, as you say, any critical platform has to have an objective and a vision. I laid mine out in my article entitled Why I blog About Africa and Zimbabwe here.

    This is what informs what I do here.

    Clearly, from the exchanges I have had with you, even when you disagreed with me on the analysis, I can certainly say we both want the same thing for thing.

    What we are simply doing is trying to find the best way to achieve that vision for our country.

    And yes, I agree, I hold personal views, which is why the header of this blog says I provide, opinion and analysis daily.

    If you recall, when you first commented here and I wrote back responding, I made it clear that neither you nor anybody else should ever have to apologise for holding an opinion, because we are all entitled to one.

    It is nice when we agree on those opinions, but the human race has advanced because there are people who through the ages who have refused to be told that simply because the Church (hence, God) says the Earth flat, therefore any other opinion to th contrary should be weeded out and quashed. That is just an example from history.

    But question why, refusing to simply parrot majority opinion, this is the single most important ingredient through thousands of years in the advancement of human civilisation.

    We should keep that spirit up.

  14. Denford if you still insist that I support MDC then there is something extremely wrong with the way you look at things.You are just suspecting that I support MDC.You have a hidden agenda against MDC and thus you think everyone who is not for Makoni or your blog is MDC.Did you even bother to search zimbabwe circus on the internet.I DON'T SUPPORT ANY POLITICAL PARTY.Where did you get this information from?

    Everyone who knows me knows that I don't support any political party.I'm actually shocked that you have managed to convince yourself that I support MDC.It's very weird.I am beginning to seriously doubt some of the contents on your blog.Do you genuinely verify everything you hear or you just post?

    I applaud Tatenda for advising you to follow Makoni's way of thinking.

    Actually saying I support MDC is an insult to me,not because I hate MDC but because I have worked so hard to disassociate myself from partisan issues.I prefer to remain neutral.And there you are convincing yourself that I support MDC because I queried the intention of your blog which I still believe is a smearing campaign against the MDC only because Mavambo your party was left out of GNU.

    What do you mean when you say I am a regular at Nyarota's Zimbabwe Times, which follows Tsvangirai without questioning anything he does and you never seem to think there is nothing wrong."

    Do you mean I read the Zimbabwe times on a daily basis or what?I last visited their forum in 2007 I think.Is this what you are refering to?

    I am not saying don't point out the MDC's mistakes Denford.All I am saying is be open minded and dont allow your personal hatred for the MDC blind your ability to analyse issues fairly.

    It's you who is playing the man and not the ball.Like I said earlier on you will not fool everyone.Your agenda is not hidden to me.Smearing MDC unnecessarily because your party Mavambo was left out of GNU is what I am agaisnt.You are free to air your personal views on your blog but bear in mind that people are also free to air their views on your personal views.

    I am surprised that you say The Zimbabwe times "follows Tsvangirai without questioning anything he does and you never seem to think there is nothing wrong".

    That's a big lie Denford.I'm sorry I'm telling you that you are lying not because I take you to be a liar but because you did not say the truth on this one.The Zimbabwe times has been reporting fairly eversince I started reading their news.I am not in very good books with them eversince I despised the way they were oppressing our voices on their forum and other issues so dont think I am speaking in their favour because we have a good personal relationship.I am not like you who because you are not in good books with someone you set up a blog to smear them because you were left out of GNU.Now you are giving us the impression that Makoni was not into this type of GNU.How many definitions of GNU are there ?

  15. Denford may you please respond to the two questions below separately on their own.These two questions only.Thanks.

    1.When Nyatsimba Mutota differed with your opinion or analysis on this blog why didn't you respond to those differences he had with you by calling him an MDC or ZANU PF supporter?


    2.When I differed with the opinions or analysis on this blog why did you respond to those differences by calling me an MDC supporter?

  16. Thokozile,
    Thanks for your input.Its greatly appreciated.If you noticed, comments are approved before they are made public and admin/Denford knows how many comments are disapproved and find their way in the trash bin.

    I asked him two questions in a separate post, let's wait and see if he approves the post.

    However, even if I'm disagreeing with Denford on some issues he seems to be better than the other guys you mentioned who rarely publish issues that are negative to them.I even told Denford that "I see some degree of understanding and respect for one's views in you but my problem with this blog is you are not being sincere."

    I appreciate that Denford is making great efforts to update us but that doesn't mean we should believe everything that he says and agree with all his personal views.If we are not careful he will use this opprtunity to poison us thus pushing his personal agenda further. Remember he is an interested member and one can only imagine the degree of the frustration he has after having being left out of GNU.To me he is trying very hard to be a messiah and yet deep down he knows his real aim is not to genuinely update us.I could be wrong.

    I see he is slowing becoming a political extremist which I believe is very dangerous.My problem with Denford is not about him saying out his personal views or exposing MDC,but the way he is doing it leaves a lot to be desired.I understand that to him his personal blog could be focused on exposing MDC ,but I don't view it that way.

    If you go over my posts once more you will probably realise that I mention over and over again that this blog is existing because Mavambo was left out of GNU,and also from the way he writes I can easily notice that there is some degree of frustration within him that makes him want to expose the MDC at all costs even when it's not called for.Not all people who don't support GNU are genuine.Some are not supporting it only because they were left out.

    Not forgetting that Denford is convinced that I am an MDC supporter which is very false.To him anyone who thinks this blog is not fair enough is MDC.That's very wrong.

    I am for freedom of expression 100%.My point is I take Denford to be biased and not genuine,like the Herald.I don't take everything he says here as the real truth.I see hatred in some of his words which I understand.After having been left out of GNU he is bound to be hurt since Makoni was advocating for GNU only to be left out.

    I don't know whether the MDC mp's returned the RBZ cars or not since that was not my reason for posting on this blog.I posted to let Denford know how I feel about his personal views.He is doing good but not very good.

    I am praying for a Zimbabwe where political analysts discuss issues with no hidden agendas,but with open minds.

  17. @Viomak,

    1. When Nyatsimba Mutota differed with me he came to the blog and engaged the issue under discussion on that post. He then used that specific article to highlight why he had the opinion that he had. We exchanged opinions, me giving him mine and he his. But crucially, he engaged the issues at hand. He did not throw mud at the writer while ignoring the article under discussion and while not referring to a single specific thing on this blog to back up his views like you did.

    2. You came onto this blog on a story about MDC MPs having accepted blood-stained cars from Gono and ZANU PF and instead of citing a single thing in that article or even ANY OTHER article to justify your smear campaign against me, you simply made blanket statements that I hate MDC and Mutambara and Tsvangirai (you left out the dictator Mugabe)

    Naturally, anyone behaving in that manner is being defensive and the only conclusion is that, since you could not dispute the analysis and the facts I presented in the story, you sought to divert attention from this very serious topic by throwing spurious and unsubstantiated charges at me.

    Which is fine.

    But you must not get all knotted up when you get paid back in the same coin, which is what I did.

    It is okay for you to state that I am bitter because Makoni was left out of GNU but it is not ok for me to say that you are bitter about the facts expose here because you support MDC and they are being exposed as hypocrites and greedy people?

    Your judgment was based on what? Your reading of my articles (though you do not cite a single example to back yourself up). Mine is also based on my reading of your comments on this blog.

    So I did what you did. But you say it is ok only if you do it and not if I do it?

    My exposes of Mugabe's Generals, my exposes of Mugabe's plans about declaring a state of emergency (which Tendai Biti says he was grateful for after he pursued my story and confirmed that the plans were indeed in place from ZANU PF), my opposition to the way Mugabe has run this country down, my very harsh criticism here of ZANU PF and the way they have murdered and maimed not only our democracy but also our people.............all of this does not exist to you, only the criticism of the MDC exists on this blog for you.

    I am secure enough in my own skin and do not need to bleat to anybody about encouragement that I get on the work I do from the highest (and I mean the highest) levels of the MDC.

    The fact that they in the MDC-T, ZANU PF and MDC-M read this blog and may pass on words of appreciation (and sometimes disapproval) will not influence me.

    They all know this. Even Dr Makoni knows this. Simply because I am friends with someone does not mean that I will spare their organisation or them.

    I will put forward my opinion and my analysis and if, as Arthur Mutambara is alleged to have done, they then take me off their "Friends" list on Facebook, I am not phased, because I am not after what I think I will get from praising them.

    What motivates me is the desire to create a truly democratic Zimbabwe, which is a prerequisite for our country becoming a powerhouse in Africa.

    And we will get there. It will be done. Anyone who works against such a noble vision, wittingly or not, will hear from me, whether I they are my friend or not.

  18. Thanks Denford,5 more questions for you.

    1.So are you saying you said I am an MDC supporter because 'I threw mud at you the writer while ignoring the article under discussion and while not referring to a single specific thing on this blog to back up my views like you claim I did.?

    2.Do you understand that when you write something some people analyse the article and some people analyse the writer.The writer writes the article so I am convinced both should be analysed so as to determine what prompted the writer to write such an article.

    3.So are you saying MDC supporters are the only people who behave in the manner that I did?

    4.Have you realised that I am not an MDC supporter?

    5.If you have realised that I am not an MDC supporter ,have you learnt anything about the way you analyse issues?

  19. Viomak,

    1. I am saying an MDC supporter because, although I attack/analyse MDC-T, MDC-M, ZANU PF, The Army, Police, Gideon Gono etc, you only defended the MDC.

    2.I understand the writer's motivation should be be analysed and I have no problems with that. BUT the motivations of the one analysing the writer should also be analysed, which is what I did with you.

    3. The only (on this blog) who refuse to analyse the issues and instead insist on analysing the person have ALL been MDC supporters.

    4. Have you realised I am not motivated by "frustration that Simba was left out of the GNU'?

    5. I have learnt that only people who can not defend the indefensible things that their political parties do resort to attacking personalities while avoiding the issue.

    The do this because the facts are stubborn and having been defeated on facts, their only motive is to throw mud at the analyser

  20. Denford,

    1.Thanks once again.I 'defend' facts,ideas and not the person or an organisation.So may you please understand that whenever I share my remarks I don't look at the face of a person.I'm sure by now you have realised that I wasn't defending the MDC,but was sharing my views.

    2.Thanks for understanding that the writer's motivation should be analysed too.Yes I agree the motivations of the one analysing the writer should also be analysed too because some people analyse with hidden agendas too.However your analysis was wrong because I am not an MDC supporter.As of now I'm sure you have enough documented evidence to show that I am not an MDC supporter.Your apology will be greatly appreciated.

    3.Now that it has become clear that I am not an MDC supporter there 's now need on your part to realise that even on this blog not everyone who refuses to analyse the issues and instead insist on analysing the person is an MDC supporter.

    4.Question 4 was unanswered in the first instance.Have you realised that I am not an MDC supporter?

    your question 4 answer. Yes a very very small part of me is beginning to realise that you MIGHT not be motivated by frustration that mukoma Simba was left out of GNU,but I'm sure I will be fully convinced if God allows us to meet in person.I will be able to tell only after I study you in person.So many people these days are using the internet to impress others on what they are not.

    5.If you have realised that I am not an MDC supporter ,have you learnt anything about the way you analyse issues?

    You are right about what you have learnt as on 5.I'm sure you have also learnt that not everyone who 'defends' a political party is their supporter.I am such kind of a person.You are right yes,I have proved it beyond reasonable doubt that only people who can not defend the indefensible things that their political parties do resort to attacking personalities while avoiding the issue.

    Moving on,I wasn't attacking your personality but was just analysing the writer.Now that we have agreed that the writer and the analyser can be analysed too,please accept my apologies if I gave you the impression that I was attacking personalities.I was analysing the writer.

    May you please remember to respond to question 4.

    Maybe DPM Mutambara removed facebook friendship because he's not sure of your motives.You might need to have a one on one with him to understand why.

  21. Imi vanaViomak taneta nemi manje. Denford Magora uyu munhu arikutitaurirawo chokwadi chimwe chamusingadi imi kuti tizive. Please give Denford a chance. We will prove him wrong on our own. We do not need someone who is miles away, I mean not on the ground to try to impose certain opinions on us. We received so many promises from MDC-T to which up to date none of those promises have been fulfilled. We voted for MDC-T on the basis of these promises. I am a Teacher by profession, and I wont go further to elaborate on how Teachers were terrorised in this country. For close to a decade we have been working for almost nothing. Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai in particular promised before and after the elections that he has the capacity to improve the welfare of civil servants. But up to now we are still languishing in abject poverty. I get an allowance of USD100 per month. I have three children of school going age, who need USD300 as tuition. Currently all of them are not going to school because I cannot afford that money. I stay in Kuwadzana and the rent for a single room is USD50.I use a single room because thats all I can afford. Imagine, I sleep in the same room with my wife as well as three children (two girls and a boy all above twelve years old.) Are you able to do that Viomak? Is this is the reward I get for voting MDC-T? Certainly some of us feel betrayed. I do not think Denford should be crucified for publishing popular sentiments. We are past the dispensation of empty promises. Keep up the sterling work Magora, all those who earn a living through lies (Viomak) included must be taken to task. Why must the people of Zimbabwe be taken for granted. Every politician who lies must be made to account whether it is Makoni, Tsvangirai, Mugabe or Mutambara. Viomak, in case you might not be aware, ever since February 11, 2009, loadshading, water cuts, unemployment, theft, prostitution have increased drastically and you want Denford to keep quite because mentioning that would be tantamount to hating Tsvangirai. Lastly, Viomak's argument is bankrupt of facts. Tell us exactly where Denford is wrong. Obviously we don't believe you when you say Denford is bitter because Mavambo was left out of the GNU. If Denford supports Makoni, it is none of our concern because it is his democratic right to belong to a political Party of his choice. People like Viomak should stop polluting the blog by airing unnecessary arguments that are devoid of any merit. We need promises made to us by the MDC-T delivered pronto.

  22. Rodney Mupaguma I read your post more than three times and realised that what I am saying is completely different from what you have concluded from my posts.Ask Denford and he will tell you that I am not polluting the blog by airing unnecessary arguments.If you are a teacher then you should understand that there is nothing like an unnecessary argument.I am a teacher too myself and my philosophy tells me that even fools put across great arguments,and there's nothing like an unnecessary argument.

    Honestly how can an argument be unnecessary if it helps us to identify the important issues that cause an 'unnecessary argument'.Be open minded Rodney.Look at issues from all angles saka muchizonyeperwa nemapoliticians.You believe every word that comes out of their mouths.

    It's funny you believed that you were going to be paid in us dollars until kingdom come.Did you ever stop to think where Tsvangirai was going to get the foreign currency from?.Now stop and think why Denford is so interested in exposing zviri kuitika muGNU.Even if what he says is true in some instances you still have to go beyond his truths and ask yourself WHY he is so much into it.So you don't want me to get a satisfactory answer from him? That's why you didn't even bother to ask Tsvangirai where he was going to get that foreign currency to pay you from.You are just a yes person I suppose.Learn to ask for answers and explanations.If you don't want to know what I want to know from Denford, it doesn't mean what I am asking from him is of no importance Rodney.If it is not important to you it doesn't mean it is valueless.You will not hear what you want to hear from everyone all the time.People are different.

    You followed MDC-T at your own risk and you should not abuse the frustration you have by disallowing me my 'democratic right'to search for answers.Just say what you want to say and allow others the opportunity to say what they have to say.Don't stop other people's voices.We all have the right to be heard.

    Now if you think because someone is not in Zimbabwe thus they should not share their opinions and be heard, you might have to consider leaving teaching for good.

    As of now, I can only advise you to go to Tsvangirai and share your grievances with him.You can request to talk to him privately,that's why he was voted into power.

    Don't make the mistake of following this blog blindly too or else you will have a second heartbeak.Follow it with an open mind.I am not refusing Denford the chance to be heard.Where did you get all this information from? Are my posts all that complicated so much that you fail to figure out what I'm up to?I suggest you learn to understand what you read.

  23. Viomak, your post is not at all amusing. Please stop trying to use diversionery tactics. It seems you have problems in grasping curricula. My question still has not been answered. The primary reason why I follow Denford's blog is that 100% of all the issues that have been published on his blog have been proven true. This blog is also rated the best in Zimbabwe for your own information in case you did not know.

    Viomak is so addicted to this blog as evidenced by how quick she responds to comments published on this blog despite the fact that she is saying we should not follow it. Point out where Denford is not telling the truth? Thats the question.

    In any case why do you advise me to seek audience privately with Tsvangirayi? This is where you get it all wrong vanaViomak. Why do you move around handing out unsought advice? As far as I am concerned, Tsvangirai made the promises in public, at rallies to be particular, surely I am at a loss to understand why the Viomaks of this world believe there should be some secrecy when it comes to delivery of the same promises.

    If the truth be said, you do not want Denford to criticise Morgan Tsvangirayi for reasons better known to yourself. I have read several publications where Denford attacks Mugabe, Mutambara, Tsvangirayi, Gono,corruption, hypocrisy the list is endless. That is the type of balanced reporting which Zimbabweans have been starved of late.

    I am now beginning to think that maybe you are in UK, thanks to the patronage of MDC-T. You can still stay in UK, even without dishing out poisoned Public Relations for MDC-T.

    The reason why Denford is exposing happenings in the GNU, to my unnderstanding is that it is newsworthy. This guy is doing us a service by highlighting the shortcomings of the so called inclusive government so that we are not beguiled again into believing that all is well and falling into the same pitfall like we did with the MDC-T before, during and after the March elections.

    I still insist that you are not intent to move constructive debate but just to contaminate this objective blog. Zimbabweans let's rise against people like the Viomaks who are hell bent on putting blinkers on everyone so that they do not know the truth.

    Denford, we are behind your blog because it proffers fair and balanced reporting. Keep up the good work. The rest of us here are still suffering and you should continue to report it. Viomak is happy because she got asylum through MDC-T.

    Denford, please maintain objectivity till hell freezes!!!

  24. Rodney Mupaguma it looks like you have something against MDC -T supporters especially the asylum seekers.Ko matova kunyaya dzeasylum.Thats why I just told you that there is nothing like an unnecessary argument.Please refer to me as Viomak.When you say vanaViomak it's like there so many other people who are as foolish as myself.I am not here to represent MDC-T supporters or any other fool who looks for answers where there are no questions.

    1.You said,Viomak is happy because she got asylum through MDC-T."

    Q-What is wrong with getting asylum through MDC -T?

    Q- Do you have the evidence to prove yourself right or you just don't like MDC -T supporters?

    2.You said,"Viomak is so addicted to this blog as evidenced by how quick she responds to comments published on this blog despite the fact that she is saying we should not follow it".

    Q-When did I say you should not follow this blog?
    Did I say don't follow the blog or did I say don't follow the blog blindly?

    Q -Do you understand the meaning of addiction?

    Q-Is coming back to check for responses so that I can respond called ADDICTION? Am I supposed to ignore your responses? What i sth epurpose of the comments section on this blog?Whatever you mean by addiction.Some of these words only have one meaning.All along I thought we were communicating.Am I not supposed to respond when you refer to me?If I am supposed to respond how soon or how late should I respond so that you won't label me an addict on this blog ?

    3.You said,"Zimbabweans let's rise against people like the Viomaks ."

    Q -Are people like me all that unworthy to deserve an uprising from Zimbabweans?Why do you say so?

    Q -Do you realise that you are encouraging others to rise against different voices?Is that good for democracy?

    4.You said," still insist that you are not intent to move constructive debate but just to contaminate this objective blog."

    Q -How will my stupidity contaminate this blog?

    Q-Why do you say sharing views on this blog is contamination?

    5.You said ,"Tsvangirai made the promises in public, at rallies to be particular, surely I am at a loss to understand why the Viomaks of this world believe there should be some secrecy when it comes to delivery of the same promises."

    Q -Where do I come in here?Am I the one who sent Tsvangirai to make the empty promises?

    Q-When did I say there should be some secrecy when it comes to delivery of the same promises?

    6.You said,"In any case why do you advise me to seek audience privately with Tsvangirayi?"

    Q-Why shouldn't you when he is our Prime minister?

    7.You said,"This blog is also rated the best in Zimbabwe for your own information in case you did not know."

    Q- Who rated it ,and what has that got to do with our discussion?Yes it could have been rated the best blog in Zimbabwe,but does that mean I should not share my views on this blog?Is this blog a Holy cow?

    Some of these points that you are carelessly putting into our discussion will end up forcing me to suspect that Denford could be right there with you.Whereever Denford is.Please ask him to respond to question 4 in my discussion with him.He could be sitting right there with you.

  25. I do not think it is my duty to teach you English Language Viomak. My points are very clear and straight forward.

    If you do not understand please keep on reading the post till you understand it.

    Anyway, back to our discussion, I cannot see where you have actually pointed the areas where Denford misled the people through the blog. You will agree with me that the Blog is very objective but we are differing in our appreciation of the facts that are being said by Magora precisely because they affect your future as MDC-T.

    The reality on the ground:

    Ever since the formation of the so called all inclusive government, the plight of the people in Zimbabwe has actually worsened.

    Burst sewer pipes are still flowing in most high density areas.
    Unemployment is rising by the day as most companies are downsizing owing to unavailability of foreign exchange to kick-start their operations.
    Prostitution is rife, thereby exposing lots of people to HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.
    Rates have risen sharply to unaffordable levels to the extent of bringing about the reemergence of squatters and overcrowding.
    Water cuts have been increased drastically exposing Zimbabweans to diseases such as Cholera.
    Loadshading has become the order of the day.
    Some bank employees are taking turns to go on three months forced leave apparently because there is nothing to do. People are not depositing monies in banks because they just do not have the money save for a few who earn their salaries through the banks.
    Food is awash in the shops but people are starving since they cannot afford to buy it.Lives are being lost from malnutrition.
    There is a sharp increase in school drop outs because of unaffordable tuition.
    People are dying in their homes because they cannot afford fees that are being charged by hospitals.
    Theft cases have increased since most people are desperate. They do not have any other source of income.

    Now tell me my dear sister Viomak. Don't you feel for your brothers and sisters back home who are bearing the brunt of all this? Should Denford Magora not mention all this? Your answer is yes. Why? Because apparently your principal, Morgan Tsvangirayi has failed to deliver on promises made when he was moving around our residential areas soliciting for our votes.

    Hopefully you will understand where people like myself are coming from. I am saying if such shortchanging of voters whether By Makoni, Tsvangirayi, Mutambara or Mugabe is allowed to go unchecked, then Zimbabwe stands to set a very dangerous precedent for generations to come.

    In other words, political malcontent such as Viomak is saying we must all shut up with all this pack of nonsense being heaped in front of us. Viomak thinks that Morgan Tsvangirayi should just be in state house despite all his weaknesses. We say no, we will have none of this.

    There is now greater need for objectivity in reportage of issues than ever before. It is important to inform the public of the meaning of all this in order that they have a chance to make informed choices tomorrow. This is where this blog is coming in now.

    We will stop at nothing in demanding that MDC-T must fulfill all the promises they made before and after the formation of the so called all inclusive government, failure which, Morgan Tsvangirayi must account. Am mentioning Tsvangirayi because as Prime Minister, he is the head of government and above all the fact that he mentioned during his campaign trail that he has the capacity to improve our welfare. You will agree with me that no-one should be allowed to take people for granted. Lets join hands to build an honest, transparent and just society.

    Reality check.

  26. Rodney Mupaguma hahahahahahahahaha Ndaseka.You call me my dear sister Viomak only because Denford told you that I am a woman otherwise you don't know what I am really doing about the Zimbabwean situation.The day you will know you are going to hide in shame and blame yourself for being overzealous for nothing.You will also learn that all this preaching to me you are embarking on was a complete waste of your energy and time.

    By saying "Viomak thinks that Morgan Tsvangirayi should just be in state house despite all his weaknesses. We say no, we will have none of this,"

    you have proved beyond reasonable doubt that this discussion should come to an end now as you don't know what you are talking about.It was nice talking to you.Hopefully we will meet in person soon and discuss the politics of our dear country over glasses of clean water.

    Did you remember to remind Denford to respond to question 4? May you please tell him that I am still waiting.Thanks a lot Rodney.I pray the good Zimbabwe that we are all fighting for will soon be reality even though some could be fighting with hidden agendas.I remain your dear sister.Remain blessed.

  27. I do not see any laughing matter here. Makaitwa seiko vanaViomak? Are you telling me that you have such a short memory not to remember that earlier on in your posts you were referring to Denford as your hanzvadzi (brother). Off course how could I fail to deduce that you are a woman? Please check again on this one. In any case, right from the onset, the argument was never whether you are male or female? These diversionery tactics will not work.

    This is the reason why I mentioned that most of your arguments are bankrupt of facts. I do not see any reason why you want to drag Denford into this argument. Why do you say I am sitting next to Denford Magora. I have never met Denford in my lifetime.

    In fact it is you who seem not to know what you are doing because you failed to prove your argument. Do not always take people for granted thinking that you will get away with it. People are fed up of uninformed people like yourself who always want to try your luck at anything and mislead the masses in the process. Surely I am not the one to blame for your unfortunate circumstances of earning a living (misleading the people).

    In the meantime, Denford Magora deserves credit because 100% of publications on his blog have been proven true, save off course for the lies that you (Viomak) unsuccessfully tried to smuggle onto the blog with the intention of killing objectivity.

    Good day!


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