The Attempted Assasination of Morgan Tsvangirai? - The Facts So Far

First, some context and background. You will already have read the state media reports and articles implicating the white farmer's organisation, the Commercial Farmers Union, in the crash that killed Mrs Tsvangirai.

Then there was an attempt to muddy the waters through the release of anonymous information alleging that one of the drivers of the two trucks involved in this story is employed by Saviour Kasukuwere, the Minister of Youth (ZANU PF).

This has turned out to be untrue.

But so far, the ZANU PF government is determined to pursue its allegations. That is why we have former information minister Jonathan Moyo, Ceaser Zvayi at the state-owned Herald and others wondering out loud about this discrepancy and that inconsistency.

The case, if we can call it that, has the following ingredients.

It has now emerged that the truck that hit the Prime Minister's car actually belongs to a logistics company, JSI, which appears to have been subcontracted to deliver medicines to HIV/Aids patients across Zimbabwe.

This would not be so bad by itself, but the said JSI is headquartered at Agriculture House in Marlborough, here in Harare. This building is, in turn, the Headquarters of the Commercial Farmers Union of Zimbabwe, a white farmers' association.

So, the Herald a couple of days back emblazoned a headline that said, "CFU Implicated In Tsvangirai Crash." I would venture to call this story an act of incitement.

Still, it gets curioser and curioser.  JSI themselves have also told the Standard newspaper that the death driver was not their regular driver and they were trying to investigate how he ended up behind the wheel.

The Administrator who books drivers in and out at JSI has apparently been suspended. Internal investigations at JSI are said to be underway.

It is curious, also, is it not, that while the government is girding up its loins to happily go on a wild goose chase, they are at the same time, putting together a delegation to go and beg for donor aid from European countries. 

Quite clearly, the MDC-PF government can not be trusted to conduct a sincere investigation of this matter. They have already donned their witchhunt outfits and should be allowed nowhere this sensitive matter.

Conspiracy theories should be quashed straight away by the institution of that international investigation that people are calling for.

Otherwise we will be left with varying stories and suspicions. Already, quite a number of people have concluded that this was the work of the CIA. Ironically, the British Foreign Office saved Mugabe's hide on this one.

By announcing hours after the accident that it was "genuine", they removed all suspicion from Mugabe. But Mugabe is now turning around and going after them and the Americans and the white farmers in Zimbabwe.

That's gratitude for you.


  1. This issue really looks so sophisticated. I do not think it will be in the interest of Zimbabwe and the bereaved family to turn a blind eye, merely because we are a poor nation who will be going with a begging bowel to those who circumstances demand that they answer a lot of questions.
    We should leave no stones unturned. The fact that you offer help to somebody should not grant one a warrant to abuse or exploit them. People want to know the truth, and the air needs to be cleared, a life was lost here? The accident itself could have been a genuine accident just like all factors seem to be suggesting. Every balanced mind said so. But a lot of things have come up which needs investigation, that is the operations of certain foreign organs within our country. The following questions need answers:-
    (1) Why would the US Embassy refuse ownership of a truck registered with numbers allocated to them?
    (ii) Is there anything sinister regarding the registration of the truck with a US allocated number?
    (iii) The truck is said to have been carrying a USAID logo, Why? if it had nothing to do with US.
    (iv) Who employed the driver, and where does he get his salary from/ No one seem tto have come up clean on this, which suggests that there is more to it. It might not be to do with Mrs Tsvangirai's death, but other operations that might be sinister.
    The questions to be answered are endless, we can not sweep this under the carpet, because we need aid from donors.
    I had the chance to watch Rwanda President Paul Kagame on BBC Hard talk programme with Steven Sackur. He was raising the same argument, that aid should not be used to control the people, to silence them and to dictate on them.
    Prof Jonathan Moyo actually did come up with a very good list of questions to be answered, and they should be answered, by whoever the almighty America, Great Britain and white farmers or black farmers, Zanu Pf or MDC. The accident raised issues beyond the accident.

  2. @THoko, I certainly agree - investigate and then pass a verdict. But what the State, through its media, is doing right now is convicting through perception.

    In mature democracies and normal societies, treating this case the way the state media are doing means that the prospect for a fair trial by jury is negated.

    Things like routinely result in mistrials in other countries.

    The Herald and their stablemates should simply shut up and let investigators do their work.

  3. Denford, What do you think happened on that road?
    Do you think it was an accident or something more sinister?

  4. @Casey, I am not so sure myself! They have ow arrested the Deputy President of the Commercial Farmers Union and new information coming out is throwing more questions on this than answers.

    Thing is, almost everyone agrees that Mugabe and his crew are not behind this. It might well have been an accident, but the fact that CNN, BBC and other media first started broadcasting suspicions towards Mugabe has made the old man want to pay them back in their own coin.

    I think there really is nothing to all this, except a straightforward accident. But again, we may all be surprised very soon.

  5. @ Denford,
    Anyway, I do not have access to the Herald, I do not know how they are reporting it. But if they are throwing all the mud to the USA and UK, may be they have copied it from them the USA and UK, when it comes to issues involving Zimbabwe, that is exactly what they do.
    They have no time for facts and logic, and would never allow you to give your side or verify simple facts.It prompted one journalist/ columnist to write in was it the UK Guradian or UK Independent that when it comes to Zimbabwe, British journalists abandons all journalistic ethics.
    Even if some one emails them to correct their wrong version, they will never bother to do so let alone giving an apology. One simple lie, they at one time continued to say was that Morgan Tsvangirai is Ndebele, and Jacob Zuma who is likely to be South Africa's next President is also of the Ndebele tribe, so they are likely to work closely together to remove Mugabe.
    Even the election issues where they reported that VP Mujuru has lost her seat in Mt Darwin, they never corrected that when the truth came up.
    May be the Herald is just trying to have them feel what it is like, when they do the same to other countries.

  6. @Thoko, yes, I can understand that and I think I would do the same under the circumstances - basically getting them to get a taste of their own medicine.

    But I am very uncomfortable when they start to actually disrupt the lives of innocent citizens in order to prove their point.

    It would be another thing if this was made just a war of words, you see, but they are now arresting people left right and centre. The target is racial, which makes it even more disturbing.

    By all means pay them back in their own coin, but do not harass Joe Public in order to do so.

    Still, an interesting little tiff, this is. We will see how it pans out.


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