Simba Makoni "Fired" - His Response

The latest news from Zimbabwe is rather curious: At a press conference today, Major Kudzai Mbudzi announced that Simba Makoni has been "fired" from the leadership of the Mavambo Movement by a body called the National Coordinating Committee.

You have seen the reports by now, I am sure.

Below is the Official Response the Mavambo Movement, released a few hours ago.



We are aware of the allegations made in a statement by a shadowy group of a so-called National Coordinating Committee against Independent presidential candidate Simba Makoni.

 Because of the libelous nature of this completely false statement, we have engaged our lawyers with a view to taking legal action.

 What we would like to assure the nation, however, is that Simba Makoni refuses to be distracted by these persons who are clearly driven by an anti-democratic agenda. He remains focused on delivering an honest and democratic dispensation in Zimbabwe. In this regard, work to build a new party continues undeterred by these spurious and false allegations from people who have no mandate from anybody.

Those who know Simba Makoni will attest to his commitment to democracy, good governance, transparency and respect for the people. This was, indeed, the reason he left ZANU PF in February 2008.

The people of Zimbabwe should remain resolute in their support and belief in Simba Makoni’s leadership.


  1. It is disturbing indeed! But what i just want to say is if they are no people chosen/driven structures the Movement will continue to have these overzealous, greedy people trying to steal the people's will. What Mavambo needs urgently is a people's convention/congress to come up with a position in the following areas:
    1. Formation of a Political Party.
    2. Formulating the structure of the Party.
    3. Enacting a Party Constitution.
    4. Electing Party leadership.

    This congress should not be closed these issues are dealt with decisively so that we can start focusing on the next elections.
    I know we can do it, the chance to lead this country and putting it on the world map is withing our reach. It is never too late. Lets not loose focus people are suffering out there and if those with the capability to change the fortunes of this economy do not take the reins of power we have another decade or of suffering.

  2. I am not at all surprised by the news of this splinter group of opportunists and political nonentities that Simba unfortunately surrounded himself with. He needs to rid himself of this sleaze allegation quickly or that's his political death knell. ZANU PF is dead and any continued association with it is political naivety. Within Zimbabwe are many unsung patriots who are ready to take on the mantle to steer this country to its pinnacle. All they need is a grouping of people with shared vision of a New Zimbabwe with a Zimbabwe identity that is sadly lacking at the moment.

  3. its high time simba should wake up, l told him long back that he should form a political party.


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