Oh Boy, Here Comes Another One

George Charamba, aka Nathaniel Manheru, who bade us farewell in the pages of the Mugabe newspaper, The Herald last Saturday, has smuggled himself back into the newsroom under yet another alias, Eagle Eye. No one is fooled

No sooner had we bade farewell to the son of Manheru, Nathaniel Manheru than he replaces himself with.....himself. This time, though, under another name, the Manheru name, soiled by its partisan defence of tyranny, is no longer comfortable in the stench-filled corridors of this new sulphourous concotion called the Coalition Government.

This time, George Charamba, Mugabe's spokesman, now optimistically calls himself "Eagle Eye". (I think "A View From The Gutter" is more appropriate.)

Worse, he is feeling more provocative than ever before, ending his long missives with "Pamberi chete-chete" - the ominous slogan of ZANU PF during that run-off electoral con job in June 2008. Back then, the full slogan was "Mugabe chete-chete" - meaning "Mugabe whether you like it or not."

The leopard has not changed his spots, then. He has just descended from the tree and is trying to blend in with the springboks and the zebras.

He does have high praise for Joram Nyathi of the Zimbabwe Independent, however, in a move he hopes will drive the diaspora constituency, which is implacably vitriolic towards Nyathi, absolutely bonkers with rage. "You see, you see, we told you he was in bed with ZANU PF this Joram Nyathi. Why would George Charamba praise him," is the predictable reponse that you will be seeing very soon on forums and in the comments sections of the minority online papers!

Still, it should be fun. Scribes, bloggers and street kids welcome Eagle Eye and his View From The Gutter.


  1. Very interesting post about the current situation of Zimbabwe(Southern Rhodesia).


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