Morgan Tsvangirai with President Motlanthe at a press conference in South Africa yesterday.

Zimbabwe's Herald has a huge front page story today on Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai's begging trip to South Africa.

Notably, Tsvangirai is now referred to as Cde Tsvangirai (Cde meaning Comrade). So is Tendai Biti. Apparently Cde Tsvangirai met with the SA president Mr Motlanthe and Cde Biti met his counterpart Mr Trevor Manuel.

I am sure Trevor is disappointed at this demotion from a full Cde to a simple Mr.

And did you know, Cde Tsvangirai now moves around in a mini-me version of Mugabe's convoy. Yes, Tsvangirai now travels with sirens and accompanying outriders, and everybody has to get out of his way. We saw it with our own eyes on Wednesaday along Samora Machel Avenue.

I expect we will see more of this. As the Zimbabwe Independent says in this week's edition, the MDCs approach to power so far is indistinguishable from Mugabe's. Ministers were appointed with the topmost consideration being what the Independent calls "village politics".

You ain't seen nothing yet, as Ronald Reagan would say.



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