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http://www.mukoma.com  - a smoking new website that lists Zimbabwean news stories from all over the world and you get to vote on the ones you like, therefore guiding other readers to quality content on the web. You will never have to visit another site that simply lists other people's stories ever again because this beats them all

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I stumbled across something absolutely wonderful yesterday. It is a new Zimbabwean news aggregator and I think it is by far the best news portal on Zimbabwean news.

This looks fairly new and the concept is the same as muti.com in South Africa or digg.com (which is more universal). For those who do not know, this sort of site works like this: readers submit stories they like on Zimbabwe, stories they think are valuable. Other readers then vote for that story as well if they like it and it goes up the rankings. But the real value in that on the one site, you will hundreds and eventually thousands of stories every day from all sorts of different news sources. You will also be able to click on the links there and go directly to the website where that story was first oublished. And this is especially great because it will concentrate ONLY on news to do with Zimbabwe.

I am happy to see that, as I write this now, my response to that fiction from The Zimbabwe Times, the false story claiming that I have been fired by Simba Makoni, is at Number 1. But these things change and I am sure another hot story is gonna come out soon. Our media monitoring people came across it and were so excited. So am I. We now have a First-World social media concept dedicated to Zimbabwe, driven entirely by Zimbabweans. It is utterly brilliant!

The brilliant thing about this concept is that you get to read a wide variety of news on Zimbabwe, including some stories you would never have come across. More importantly, the news items are all published elsewhere so you get a better overview of news about Zimbabwe from right across the world. My bet is that you will be able to pick up most if not all breaking news by checking this site constantly. 


Let me state upfront that I have nothing to do with this site. I do not even know who owns it or where it is coming from. So my enthusiasm for it is very genuine indeed. And I love it because it will be controlled by people like you, the readers, who submit stories they find interesting. 

So there is no risk of what is happening now ever happening again: where we see a couple of people who think they own the internet as far as Zimbabwe is concerned trying to freeze out new players like ourselves. Yes, since we caught the Zimbabwe Times plagiarising one of our stories, they have been joined by their friends who own what they think are big Zimbabwean news websites in trying to freeze us out.

Although we have unique content and our reputation in terms of breaking stories that turn out to be true is now legendary, these sites actively seek to ignore us, but all to no avail, because we are now sitting at Number 2 on Afrigator (the biggest rankings website for African websites and blogs). We are number 2 in Zimbabwe, out of almost 50 listed sites. 

In the whole of Africa, according to the same aggregator, Afrigator, we are the highest ranking Zimbabwean blog in Africa in terms of both visitors and page views. 

So we are not doing badly despite the best efforts of Nyarota and his friends to freeze the blog out of "their" internet. The surprisng thing is that the same so-called big websites will jump to pull in any story of ours that is palgiarised by another website, whereas ignore the original that will be on this site! It is quite pathetic, but as I say above, it has not bothered us because we are positively "smoking", doing very well, without them thank you very much!

I am not too bothered because it gives us the grit to push ahead, to ensure that we continue to bring you great news, analysis and insight. We are breaking more stories than any other site and that is not going to change simply because other people and their websites feel thereatened.

So, if you want a one-stop shop for ALL the hot Zimbabwe news, head on over to http://www. mukoma.com. I believe it is now by far the best news portal for Zimbabwe and you can participate by nominating the stories you read elsewhere and watching as other readers vote for it there.

I would like to believe that the site, as it goes even bigger, is going to offer giveaways and prizes for the top nominators and so on, so get in early and you will never ever have to visit any other site that simply lists other people's stories. You would only ever need to visit sites with original content of their own and nominate what you like from there at mukoma.com.

I am so happy so see Zimbabwe progress like this. Previously we had to go to muti.com (an extremely popular South African site that also lists a fair amount of stories on Zimbabwe) or even to digg.com. I however, will continue to visit muti.com as well as this new brilliant site, mukoma.com, because I am a news junkie and one site can never be enough!

Enjoy and congratulations to whoever is behind mukoma.com. You have given Zimbabwe a first-class news aggregator, where we are likely to find even the most obscure news on Zimbabwe, all from reputed sources.

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  1. Good and accurate analysis on mukoma issue.I am also amused by the site.There is another one here,but the bad thing about it is the news has no categories..However you look for Zimbabwe ladder on the right handside at the bottom.I prefer mukoma.com



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