Should We Give In And Restrict Access To The Blog?



  1. Nope Mugabe needs to chill.This is a blog not some daily newspaper. Mugabe needs to retire go home and relax play some golf, tell stories to his grandkids or do some farming. Zimbabwe needs some fresh leader with fresh ideas.

  2. Absolutely, but the Daily News found out to its cost what standing your ground can do.

    Have dealt with Mahoso before, when I needed to get a quick newspaper out for Dr Makoni;s presidential campaign. He was very helpful and gave me a licence within 4 hours (but only to publish once, a once-off).

    Now, however, can't get hold of him, have been trying since Tuesday afternoon with no luck, his staff keep telling me they gave him the message and he will get back to me.

    As you say, this is a blog, not a commercial site or daily paper, which is why it may actually do no harm to restrict access as requested to the 1 500 or so people on our database which existed before this blog was put up. Or we may find ourselves in the same situation as the Daily News. I would apply for the licence but that would be putting ourselves at the mercy of the Commission, wouldn't it? Publishing at their pleasure.


  3. You are in a difficult position. My instinct would be to tell the authorities to piss off and continue to publish, but then I don't live there and have only the sketchiest knowledge of what might happen to you. Hopefully you are not restricted in what you can say - I am fascinated to read an inside view of the tragedy and debacle that is Mugabe's Zimbabwe.

  4. As a reader from far away, I suggest doing whatever you can to maintain open access. I have posted your link on my blog (which is entirely unrelated to Zim politics) and I hope my readers sometimes follow that link to you. If your blog's access is restricted, I am sure most people will not follow through to apply for a password etc, because they won't be able to preview the blog and see how good it is.

    I think this is a slippery slope -- forcing YOU to limit your audience and making it more difficult to get the truth out there. It's only a matter of time before more restrictions are created... I know you don't have a lot of choices, but keep trying. The world needs to know what's going on!

  5. Hi Denford.....about this restricting your blog....

    Would you still be able to post daily....???

    How can they restrict something that is not owned by them in anyway....?????

    Could we find a way around this at all.....and if I can be if any help at all please just holla......

    P.S.......I knew there was something much deeper behind that ''pic'' that I posted that is why I asked in such big letters......haha...

    Blessings and please keep me posted about this restriction kak.....could I post all the kak about you blog on mine today just make a bit more of a noise or do you think it will do you more harm than good......


  6. As much as we are accessing this blog in Zimbabwe, I dont think its necessary since the AIPPA does not cover internet users. Its like asking BBC, CNN or Sky news to restrict access because Zimbabweans are accessing the news, right answer to the gentleman from the police is that, enough of the paranoia, this is the net, the blog is not under the Zimbabwean juristication. Bad luck, they should try some other excuse.

  7. @Ian, yeah, that would be good. Really good, but being diplomatic never hurts to start off with, until of course (or unless) we see that there is no talking to the guys, then, well.....

    @Sdudla - it's so dumb, isn't it, bringing them to court in a vehicle with SA number plates. You know someone is gonna follow that up.....

    About putting all this kak on your blog, I'd rather you didn't for now. The guys are being fairly civil and instead of putting them on the defensive, I would rather try a bit of diplomacy first. Thanks for the thought anyway.

    They can restrict, coz apparently I am publishing and reporting from Zim, which puts me under the ambit of the Media Commission...apparently. I am not panicking at all, just that we have had to do the poll to equalize things within the team.

    @Anonymous1 and 2, thanks also for the words. I agree completely, but we have had guys arrested here who were not from Zim, writing for papers published in Europe and not under the Zim gvt control at all!!

    @Expateek, We are working on it, as far as I can gather it is not precedented even here in Zim. I am sure once we actually speak to the Commission Chair we will get a clear understanding of the issues.

  8. As much as I personally feel the guys should go to hell. I think it would be more pragmatic to just comply with their request. I imagine setting up the blog with their recommendations would not be too hectic, and it would allow Mr Magora and his team to continue unharrassed, (well relatively I guess), with the critical business of getting their message out.

    I believe the blog and its message are too important to the public awareness and discourse to allow itself to be dragged down into useless squables of this nature. As mentioned in the response to the comment above, of what benefit to the nation is the Daily News today?? Whereas if they had just complied at the time, we would probably still have them today, to the greater benefit of the nation.

  9. Denford,

    I will have to agree with Anonymous2. Internet is never restricted to anyone, only to those who can not afford it or to those who are computer technology challenged. I cant believe this is happening, then why don't they restrict access to SkyNews, BBC etc. Why not then setup an anonymous blog, with nothing that points to you. I do not mind helping you setup a site. I have just voted NO, as Expateek says if this blog is restricted, considering how much I have advertised, not many would follow through. I will be logged on here to see where all this would lead us to, my saying us means I am part of this blog.


  10. Dred says either way I want access. What is the
    concern? News, correctly written, is a factual account of activity. This has always been a good

  11. The pettiness of these people is mind boggling. I mean what’s more important, finding ARVs or putting passwords to blogs. And the usual list would follow of other issues that are colossal compared to this password thing.

    We should all be desisting from such ridiculous pettiness. Does Manheru have passwords on his blogs? Should everyone who has a blog now restrict access? This is your personal blog and you are not selling anything to anyone so the simple answer is there should be no passwords, otherwise we all fall into the trap of pettiness while we stare at the real issues.

  12. Never give in! Censorship is the tool of liers and oppressors! Hang tough!

  13. Thanks guys, I think we know the way the wind is blowing.

    These guys are being careful not to talk about content, they simply talk about the "licencing." Lets hear what the custodians of that process say next week.

    If all is alright, well I think we will get very nasty indeed.

    We will keep you posted.

  14. I just discovered this blog. We do not get a lot of information in the daily news about Zimbabawe hear in America. I don't know how much the rest of the world knows about what is going on in your country. I am not sure what risk you are under by publishing this blog, however please consider that shining light on the problems of your nation can help. Your blog may become an important source of Western info and support. I don't know a lot about your politics. I just started reading, as I said, but it looks like you are fighting for human rights and democracy. Building support in the rest of the world for your cause could be as important as anything else you can do. What ever you decide about publishing the blog, I wish you well in your cause.


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