Zimbabwe "Mutiny" - The Mask Slips, Secret Hinted At.....

Maybe it was just me, but internet connection went haywire in Zimbabwe yesterday. I could not load Blogger for the past 16 hours. My own connection went dead. Then when it came back, I could only access the Google search engine. Every other page gave me a "server busy" error message. Only a minute ago, I managed to access my blog by a very roundabout route. I wrote this post yesterday afternoon and just as I was about to upload it, internet connection went. Those are the vagaries of living in a country that has been thrown back to ancient times, I suppose. But I am sure if they had internet in Ancient Rome, it would have been a million times more efficient than this. Still, I suppose we should thank God for small mercies! Straight to our story, then, about how, in yesterday's Zimbabwe Pravda, aka The Herald, Mugabe's spokesman let the mask slip and hinted at the truth of the "conspiracy theory" I have been telling you about since last week, to do with the "fictitious mutiny" as I read it and as told to me only once before by a source who knows what they are talking about. Here's the post that you should have read yesterday, Saturday:

For the first time, the bigger "mutiny" picture and how it is being put together was hinted at in public.
Writing in the ZANU PF mouthpiece, The Herald, Mugabe's spokesman let the mask slip. Briefly. Did I not tell you that this will be linked to Botswana and its alleged training of militias? Did I not tell you that the object of the exercise is to hedge against any final withdrawal by Morgan Tsvangirai from this process. You are kidding yoruselves if you think that, when (or if) Morgan Tsvangirai withdraws from the GNU negotiations, Zimbabwe will have new elections, internationally supervised. There will be no such luck for the hard-pressed Zimbabweans.
Mugabe's spokesman writes in his weekly column: "Given the evidence which Zimbabwe has led against his insurgency project with Khama, it is highly unlikely that he (Morgan Tsvangirai) will come back (to Zimbabwe)."
We did warn, did we not? This is the "evidence" whose "truthfulness" will be blostered by the mutiny, in which soldiers beat up well-known ZANU PF supporters at Mbare Musika's second-hand clothes market, telling them to "go and remove your Mugabe who is causing us all this suffering". After which they went back to barracks to eat sadza (pap) and beans. Five days running.
It appears to be coming together nicely. And the world slumbers on. 
"We shall see how the merchants of war use askari Presidents to secure war," says the president's man.
The only thing that will surprise you readers of this blog in his article today is that Britain is being roped in do duty alongside Ian Khama and Morgan Tsvangirai. The Batswana president is now alleged to have gone to Britain to ask for military aid. The request, Mugabe ventriloquist doll says, was cloaked in the excuse of an anticipated influx of Zimbabwean refugees into Botswana.
But this is just a bit of of diversion, because, even if a war was to come about, Britain would not come in without the say-so of SADC, which "proved" in the DRC that it can handle military matters related to its own member states.
No, this is simply meant as a diversion to bloster the case that Botswana was (is?) plotting with Morgan Tsvangirai to mount an insurgency, which was "foiled" when the soldiers who had been paid to "munity" were arrested and confessed all after "investigations". The British angle will never need to be proved. Or disproved.
It won't be long now. That democracy we are fighting for will be snatched away for another five years. The thing with Juntas, you see, is that they are rarely personalised. The junta as a whole takes collective responsibility. Which is the mistake people in Zimbabwe make.
They have now given up and say Mugabe is not God, and can not live forever. He is 84, they now say, and we are prepared to wait for his demise. 
Yes, well.
But this is not just about Mugabe. That is the mistake that opposition propaganda has made. By personalising this, they have failed to plan for the day Mugabe goes (one way or the other) and is replaced by a coetrie of hangers-on who currently run the show with him as a Junta. Like Burma, where that brave that wispy lady-fighter has been waiting to take the office she won in 1990something, so it will be in Zimbabwe!
I need not go over the trick again, you all know how it is going to be executed. But I thought you should all know that the mind of the plotters has now been briefly uncovered. It is deliberate. It is designed to lay the ground for the unfolding drama that will play itself out over the next few weeks as the "plot" is uncovered and an SoE declared. It's called building a case.

In this article today by Mugabe's spokesman, you get confirmation of what I told you if you cared to read my previous posts. Here is why SADC appeared to accept whatever reason was given to them by Mugabe for not giving Tsvangirai a passport. Here is the reason why SADC appeared to the outside world not to understand why Tsvangirai was backing out of an agreement he had signed. They think they know. They are just not sure yet. They are not sure if there is substance to "the evidence led" by Zimbabwe against Khama and Tsvangirai. Mugabe is about to convince them. By the time all the naysayers, who are busy looking at the blogger messenger instead of listening to the message wake up, you will all realise that you have been well and truly outwitted.
We are in for interesting times, I tell you. As for me, I will keep attention focused on this unfolding drama while others think it more productive to hurl insults at the dictator without appreciating the finer subtleties of his minds' work. 
It won't be long now.


  1. The sad thing is that millions of lives are being ruined by a few men. How then do we say we don’t want this?

    The obvious world accepted solution would be the polls but we have been denied this. As much as we know what the problem is, what is the solution, or do we not have one?


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