Shooting Up The Rankings, Thanks to You...

Barely two months old and already one of the fastest rising websites in the world

I really want to thank you all for the support you are showing this blog. Your blog has risen stratospherically in the last month and a half. Launched at the end of October, this blog has already risen more than 7 million places in world rankings, making one of the fastest rising websites in the world. We have risen so fast in fact, that, although we are now in the top 1.5 million sites in the world (there are  more than 187 million websites in the world, according to netcraft), Alexa, the world ranking people, are still to take a snapshot of the site!

I guess it is a combination of two things, your loyalty over the last month and a half since the site was launched and our focus on quality content. I really do try to give you special insights into the current events in Zimbabwe, to help readers locally and elsewhere to truly understand what is going on in this little country that is now the talk of the world. You have responded well to the quality content. Most of our visitors are repeat visitors who, once they discover the site, log on every day to get updates and commentary on what is going on. From Regional Diasporan, Mosi, Wamambo, Dawning, to the Anonymous ones who quietly log on everyday starting at 3 in the morning our time and quietly leave without a trace, I say thanks a lot. You are the reason I keep blogging and the reason I am driven to improve this blog everyday and with every post.

One of our most active readers, Dave Coventry, has recently discovered the site and says in a comment published in a post below: "You ask why I read your blog... I'm in South Africa and you seem to have a good grasp of what is going on 'on the ground' in Zimbabwe."

Another avid follower, Munyaradzi Muchando says, " You don't write to please anybody, your commentary is brutally frank and you do not seem to fear anything or anybody in exposing what you know and making sense of it for us.." 

Like I said, it looks like it's a combination of quality content and your loyalty. This blog is not yet where it should be in terms of the quality of the content. I am not satisfied with where we are at and I doubt I will ever be. So, as I thank you all, rest assured I will continue to bring you unbiased views, inside information and analysis and giving you the tools to grasp the situation.  I do this in the hope that, armed with the truth, you will then be able to make proper decisions about what you individually can do bring real change to Zimbabwe. 

Please keep  in mind it's about tactics and not about blindly following anyone, else we may be led off the cliff. I write not to amuse you, but to ensure that you have a 360degree view of state of our country and thereby make proper decisions about what we should be doing as Zimbabweans to change our country.

Thank you all once again and I hope you keep coming back, giving feedback and suggestions.


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