We, Zimbabweans in and outside the country, should feel shame at scenes like these. These children and their parents have to scrounge around the edges of dangerous tarred highways, picking up single kernels of corn off the ground in order to have a meal.

If this does not show us that all our so-called leaders have abandoned our people, then I don't know what will. As you do your christmas shopping, remember that more than ninety percent of our citizens are being held hostage not only by Mugabe, but by the world. The world says we "will not come in there with aid until you go" and Mugabe says, "I will not go until you admit you are wrong and say sorry for everything."


  1. Shameful indeed! Any way, Merry X-mas Denford and your Team. Looking forward to further vibrant engagement next year, and off course, the final re-birth of Mavambo Party.

    Regional Citizen

  2. Merry Christmas indeed RC. And welcome also to your new identity - from Regional Diasporan to Regional Citizen. The new already beckons!

  3. Unity in Diversity, with the stress on Diversity. For Zanu PF Unity has had only one meaning: Do as we say! Think as we think! If not: we will destroy you.


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