Mugabe Goes After Makoni

It had to come at some point, I suppose.

Robert Mugabe, the dictator of Zimbabwe, has blamed Simba Makoni's Mavambo Movement for his loss. Speaking at his discredited, defeated party's conference in Bindura today, he opined that the former finance Minister split the ZANU PF vote and therefore ensured the defeat of ZANU PF.

I was phoned within minutes of that statement by a Mavambo sympathiser who is attending the conference to warn the office. This is not a surprise. The Movement has now become a whipping boy for any political failure looking to run away from the real reasons why they are useless. All I can say is that insulting the good does not make you good. If anything.........

Indeed, we have had to live with that same nonsense from MDC supporters. They all forget that when Dr Makoni announced in February that he was going to go head-on with Mugabe, more than 800 000 people came out to register to vote for the first time.

I have met some of these people. There was a couple, for instance, now settled in South Africa, who said they came back specifically to vote for Makoni, but when they got here, all they heard was how Makoni was going to give their vote to Mugabe, you know the usual nonsense in those days. They ended up not voting.

Mugabe's outburst certainly shows just how desperate he has become. And his supporters in ZANU PF may well get ideas as a result. They shouldn't. I know personally of the will that Makoni has. I know also that, come what may, he will never be intimidated by one Robert Mugabe. There is no trick Mugabe could possibly pull and expect the movement to let him get away with. Mugabe, living in cloud cuckoo-land, used to intimidating the people of Zimbabwe into timid silence, must realise that this is the end game for his regime.

My caller feared that the statement by Mugabe may put ideas into his followers'  heads, especially now that we are gearing up for the formation of the party. Have we ever sounded like we cared? Mugabe is walking into the sunset, while the rest of Zimbabwe looks to the dawn of an era that will put this nation back onto its rightful pedestal as the second richest country in Sub-Saharan Africa, after South Africa. After that, the sky is the limit. I am in no doubt as to whose vision is better for Zimbabwe between Makoni and the Moustached One.

Mugabe can not threaten our convictions. Mugabe can not shake his scrawny fists at us and expect us to cower. We are as much Zimbabwean as he is and he carries no title deed to the souls of Zimbabweans. Mavambo is gearing up and one thing is for certain, despite the veiled threats and the rabid attacks:

Mavambo will not go quietly into the night.


  1. Denford, we always waste time magnifying if we do not know how dirty the dirt is.

    The reason why Mugabe is still where he is is because noone has stepped up to challenge him in the proper way. On one end you have someone who not only has the whole country's support, but support of the most powerful countries in the world...yet he wants to tell us that he is failing to dislodge a man whose own bodyguards agree he needs to go?

    On the other you have a prima donna who somehow thinks he will dislodge mugabe without even unifying Zanu. Simba still hasn't rectified his mistakes from the beginning of the year and it doesn't look like he even realizes it.

    Now you have some war hero who thinks going back to a regional platform will provide him with national status.

    Simba shortchanged us and this has nothing to do with Mugabe's dirt.

  2. I have no idea how he shortchanged you He offered himself for president, albeit late in the day, I was with him as we drove through villages and hamlets from Binga, Sanyati, Nembudziya, Mbalabala, Esigodini, Tsholotsho, Gweru and Midlands Rural, Buhera, Dotito, Bindura, concession, Mazowe, Nyamapanda, Mrewa and many other places.

    He campaigned hard and the people of Zimbabwe chose to listen to the lies about him giving their vote to Mugabe.

    Now we can all see who is giving our votes to Mugabe, by allowing a man who lost in March to continue as president

    Makoni declared out of principle after the March 2008 election that the run-off be cancelled and a Transitional Authority set up He was insulted for his wisdom

    Now Morgan Tsvangirai and Nelson Chamisa are calling for the very same TA, as exactly proposed by Simba.

    No Sir, you shortchanged yourselves. Simba did all he could under the circumstances and he will continue to do so

  3. My apologies if I appeared like I was attacking you and Simba personally. Far from it...however lets avoid the usual building of caccoons around ourselves when criticized.

    The yardstick is not how many areas you campaign.....I am sure Robert would have beaten Morgan had that been the case. The yardstick is not how right you can predict the situation before others and the yeardstick is not how clean you are. Did he win?

    The tragedy is that Simba is clearly the best candidate we have yet he is somewhere in the wilderness....and we're not being shortchanged? Is Mugabe making Simba keep quiet?

  4. @Nyatsimba,

    no I never thought you were attacking either me or Simba and there is no need for anybody to apologise for their point of view.

    I just genuinely did not understand how he shortchanged you, which is why I tried to show you just how hard he campaigned, even with the limited time he had.

    Simba's position for now is very clear: he still believes that the agreement between Morgan and Bob is the only hope of avoiding any more deaths

    He is focused on that at the moment, as well as the process that will lead to the formation of the party. He was in Budiriro twice last week, where residents told him "aother leaders have come here and have not visited our homes to see how we are actually coping, you are the first to do."

    On Thursday, he gathered more than 100 business leaders at his house to talk to them about the way forward for Zimbabwe and how they can contribute In mid-november he was touring the areas affected by anthrax in Matabeleland.

    I do agree it may appear as though he is silent, but some of these things he specifically does not want publicised because they will look like "stunts." Yes, it would have been great to publish pictures of his sitting on a mat in house in Budiriro, next to the 34 year old man who had been discharged from hospital two days before, BUT his opinion is that doing that would demean the cholera victim.........

    I hear you and he does as well. Mugabe's threats of an election some time soon do not phase him because we will not participate in a sham election in which the MDC is denied to run after being labelled a "terrorist organisation" by ZANU PF

    We will not take part if that same election does not true international observers. We want to beat MDC and ZANU PF fair and square and any little election Bob calls now is going to be ignored by ALL the opposition groups in ZImbabwe and we will focus on saving lives.

    As for how you can help, you can spread the word We have a list of the contacts of our provincial coordinators on this blog and if you search for it, you can connect with the coordinator in your province and start working the grassroots as our provincial structures are doing.


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