Geoff Nyarota's Zimbabwe Times In Unashamed, Word for Word Plagiarism!

First of all, dear readers, take a look at my post entitled: Zimbabwe: Open Warfare, Police vs Army on 01 December. As you can see this was published on 01 December.

After you have done that, please click here to visit Geoff Nyarota's publication, The Zimbabwe Times, which has exactly the same story, word for word, completely unedited, written by someone called John Huruva and published on 03 December 2008!

At least the editor could have changed a few words, some phrases.

It is the lack of shame that astounds me from such a "respected" journalist. What can one do except feel pity for this man and his "journalists" who, even as I speak, are "appealing to the world" to give them finance in order to "train their journalists" because Geoff thinks standards of reporting in Zimbabwe have gone down so much that he, as the last honourable journalist left in the world, must do something? I have just lost all respect for this editor, who has won awards for his reporting!

I hope they take it down.
Thanks Munya for the tip-off!


  1. The Zimbabwe Times has now offered an explanation to all this, which from my reading sounds plausible. What do you think?

  2. jounalisms profession yemu Zimbabwe inotonyadzisa. Did he really think we will never notice.....shame on you Nyarota, I thought you had changed. I don't think I 'll ever read your posts again!


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