Tsvangirai Drops Passport Ultimatum To Mugabe

Morgan Tsvangirai of the MDC (pictured on the left, being shouted at by one of Mugabe's Presidential Guards, it appears!) has dropped his ultimatum for Mugabe to provide a passport or face a boycott of the full SADC Summit on Zimbabwe to be held sometime next week. Tsvangirai, in Bulawayo to inaugurate a video on the Gukurahundi Massacre, told AFP he would attend that summit "with or without a passport"

This clears a major hurdle that could have scuttled the talks yet again. As I asked on this blog a few days back, did Tsvangirai think that a passport is more important than the lives of rural old women and helpless children who were dying from hunger and diesease daily? He owes it to them to at least give the dictator one last chance to prove he can walk his talk. It still would be a miracle if anything came out of the summit. Neither of the two gives a thought to the frightening state of our people. "Thine eyes hath seen the Power!"


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