South Africa Turns On Tsvangirai

Morgan Tsvangirai was briefly detained at Johannesaburg International Airport on Wednesday before immigration officials denied him permission to fly to Morocco to receive a democray award, it was announced on Friday.

The South Africans, whom we have previously quoted as saying they are "losing patience with Zimbabwe's leaders", say they were irked that the MDC leader was "gallivanting around the world while the people of Zimbabwe suffer as a result of the lack of a solution to the impasse." In private conversations, they also said, if it was in their power, they would have done the same with Mugabe.
Tsvangirai fell victim to the laws of international travel because he was trying to fly out of South Africa on an expired Emergency Travel Document (ETD). The Zimbabwean dictator, Robert Mugabe, is still refusing to give Tsvangirai a new passport. The one he holds now has now expired, but its pages are full.
The Botswana government intervened on Tsvangirai's behalf and he has now been allowed to cross over into that country by road. Accoeding to AFP, the Botswana government is organising a private jet to take Tsvangirai to Morocco to recieve the award.
Here again, is proof that SADC is now preparing to take its gloves off and read the riot act to the two main "leaders" in Zimbabwe.


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