Some US Dollar Bills Now Being Refused In Zimbabwe

Almost all shops and traders are now refusing to accept American dollar bills from the 90s, exactly like the one pictured here, someone just told me. And I have confirmed it with two supermarkets and one trader. The bills are still legal tender in the United States, but, according to one supermarket in the city centre, the banks in Zimbabwe are refusing to take them.
So don't accept any change or to be paid in dollar bills older than 2002


  1. Hey D, can get hold of you on the phone, but was that THE Thabo Mbei that lefy a comment on your blog?

  2. Den, if it's indeed Thabo Mbeki - and not the other Thabo who is Montlante's spokesman - then he is quite aware that he is dealing with dull people in the GNU negotiations!

    Regional Diasporan


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