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Dr Simba Makoni, who chatted with some of you on this blog on Tuesday in the late afternoon has now decided he will set aside 30 minutes on a day to be announced early next week to hear your thoughts and suggestions and talk about the interim constitution, the proposed principles and policies and any other matters that may be on your mind. From then on, he will be present here once a week on the same day and at the same time to interact with you.

You will notice that the Live Community Chatroll window is not on this blog at the moment. We experienced some problems with it and even suspected it had been hacked into, but it appears that the issue was compatibility with the browser we were using: Google Chrome. We could not access the back office of the blog nor could we participate in the conversations that were taking place. We have, therefore, temporarily uninstalled it and are working to put it back on within a couple of hours using a different, more stable browser. Chrome still remains our favourite here and we will be using it for all surfing. But for the chatroll, we will use a different product until our email to Google gets a response as to what we can do to resolve this.

Meantime, those who were on the site when we made the announcement may have been concerned. We assure you that our community remains secure and you can use it freely. Please keep the ideas coming.

To get back to the Simba Makoni announcement, the process will be as follows: we will put up the Constitutional Highlights here first and allow you to read through them and make notes of your suggestions and questions. The day after the Highlights are posted, Dr Makoni will then be here for the 30 minutes announced above at a precise time that we will also be announced on this blog. Please feel free to make your suggestion and to ask him direct questions about any matters that concern you. After that, as we have already said, he will be available here every week for a 30 minute audience with you.

We are about to embark on an exciting journey and we hope you will walk with us.

Regards to you all,

P.S. Update: The Chatroll Community has now been reinstalled back on this Blog. Talk to others at the bottom of this page.
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  1. I am happy to hear that the people's leader has made this decision. In case I miss the chat, can I propose a name - I saw a few being proposed on the chartroll:

    Name: Development Party of Zimbabwe (DPZ)
    Motto: Taking Zimbabwe Foward!

    Rationale: Democratic/Democracy - has really become tired and has been misused. I have seen the mantra "Let's get Zimbabwe working again", but the question is, if we do so, then what? So, to me "Taking Zimbawe Foward" has no time or contextual limit. In this present context, though, "Let's get Zimbabwe working again" is an excellent rallying call!


  2. My suggestion is ZCD(Zimabawe's Coalition for Democracy.Zimbabweans coming together regardless of past differences to get Zimbabwe working again!

    I must also point out that I think the name Glen has suggested sounds pretty good too!


  3. The name for the party

    VPZ (Victorious People of Zimbabwe.

    Our nation has gone through a lot, poverty, oppression, lack, joblessness, deaths, hatred from the "leaders", loss of progress, disunity of families, corruption, a lying bunch of people, isolation,the list can go on and on.

    If there is one string that would tie us together as a nation, to give us a hope to hold on to, to give us a renewed passion for our nation and a better life, its VICTORY

    In all these thing there is one thing that is very certain, Victory.

    Victory for the People of Zimbabwe. therefore i suggest the name to be VPZ.

    Its more foward looking, uniting,appealing and right for the time.

    Looking at the longervity of the name, once we clear off the challenges we are facing today, there will be more victories to be achieved .

    Additionally it is a proactive name for we are not doing this for the us period, but also for several generations to come.


  4. Union of Democrats (UD), where democrats all are acceptable and democratic practices at the core.


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