Leading Mugabe To The Gallows

Zimbabwe's Undertakers Association, otherwise known as the ZANU PF Politburo, met today and decided that Robert Mugabe should go ahead and form a government, with or without the opposition MDC.
It is a breathtaking case of refusing to engage reality and is only a symptom of the utter contempt with which ZANU PF holds the suffering people of Zimbabwe. It betrays yet again the fact that this party is no longer ruling for the people.
If they did, they would realise that going ahead to form a government by themselves is basically a death sentence not only to the people of Zimbabwe but also to their own party and, especially to Robert Mugabe.
It is now clear that this is a party that is no longer interested in its own future. Their focus now is simply on getting another few years in which the big shots can plunder the country and set themselves up for life using public funds. They want a bit more time to accumulate ill-gotten wealth and stash away riches.
If this to end and end immediately, the world, especially America and the United Kingdom, as well the opposition parties in Zimbabwe must now make it clear that, when change does come to Zimbabwe and a new democratic government is in place, ALL who were in ZANU PF and accumulated wealth using their positions and their influence will lose their businesses, their wealth, their bank accounts (domestic and foreign), their cars (including those registered in the names of spouses, mistresses and children) and their property (farms, houses, fridges, stoves etc).
These will be sold off and the money used to pay torture victims, Gukurahundi victims and those who were affected by Murambatsvina. This should be hammered home until ZANU PF politicians realise that they are not buying themselves time but only more misery.
By encouraging Mugabe to go ahead and form a government by himself, this moribund and insular body is basically leading itself and Mugabe to the gallows. There is no future on the path they have chosen. Any government formed in this manner is doomed. They know this.
We know that they can do it. But we also know that it will not be successful. We also know that they all do not care about the success of any government that they will form now. This, as I have already said, is about getting the last chance to plunder fuel, seeds, fertiliser, cash from the Reserve Bank and foreign currency in order to accumulate assets and secure their future as well as the future of their families. They must not be allowed to get away with it.
We really can not overstate the importance of the world powers and the opposition in Zimbabwe making an urgent announcement that all ZANU PF supporters are now fugitives from human decency and historic justice. They should be alerted to the fact that they now occupy the same space as occupied in history by members of the Nazi party and Saddam's Baath Party. No matter how long it takes, they should be told, they will be hunted down and every single scrap of their ill-gotten wealth tracked down and confiscated to pay their victims, the people of Zimbabwe.
It matters not that The UN, the AU and SADC will forever be powerless to do anything to Mugabe and his party. The day of justice will come. Most of the people within ZANU PF who are egging Mugabe on are younger than him by far. They still have a future to think of and that future must be made as miserable as they have made the lives of Zimbabweans.
Today, we now know that cholera is claiming hundreds of lives all over Zimbabwe's cities because the government of Mugabe has no money to buy chemicals to treat water. Most suburbs have had no running water for months. In the villages, those who were terrorised into voting for ZANU PF have now been left to swing in the wind. They are starving, wild fruits and roots are now running out and there is a basic genocide being perpetrated all over the rural areas in this way.
Meantime, the Reserve Bank is busy stealing funds donated by aid agencies to help terminally sick people. This money is spent on hotel rooms and flights for Mugabe and his cronies. It is spent on buying the latest 4X4 vehicles and plasma screen televisions for judges and armed forces bosses.
The world should not think that it is helpless in the face of ZANU PF's intransigence. The failure by Morgan Tsvangirai and the MDC to provide leadership for alternative voices should also not make them despair. Let us start by sending this warning to ZANU PF. They probably will not listen and will laugh it off, but the next democratic government must send a message to all dictatorships in Africa by being utterly vindictive towards ZANU PF leaders, supporters and their families. That is the only language they will understand. They are leading Mugabe and their party to the gallows and they must never be allowed to escape.


  1. Yeah, it's an Undertakers Association for real...!


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