What Mavambo Wants

There seems to be no hurry to convene the full SADC summit that the Troika called for after they failed to reconcile the differences between Zimbabwe's two main political parties. The Herald today speaks of the summit being convened in two weeks time!

Do these so-called leaders not know that inflation is running at about 200% per day? Do they realise that the evil Governor of the Reserve Bank, Gideon Gono, still insists on consumers withdrawing only $50 000 per day when a one way trip into town for most people now starts at $40 000? Even their own dirty mouthpiece, The Herald, has now admitted that scores of people are dying of cholera in Harare. Shelves in shops are now completely empty. Those that still have anything resembling food are only selling it in US dollars. There is now not even a single shop accepting swipe cards in Harare. People are living on wild fruits, if they lucky. People have started dying. To cap it all, we have one of Mugabe's illegal ministers, an impostor, saying today that NGOs are exaggerating the food crisis in Zimbabwe!

Where does this idiot live? Has he been the rural areas where people are going for two or three days without a meal? Does he not know that in the rural areas around Marondera, the chiefs have now decreed that livestock should be kept penned in during the mornings to allow people time to collect wild fruit before the domestic animals come out to eat it. We are reduced to competing with animals for food? In Goromonzi and Mutoko, I have seen with my own eyes people eating rats. Rats, not mice. Exaggeration. It is the minister who is exaggerating his own importance.

Because both MDC and ZANU PF have now demonstrated their failure to put people first, we want a new election from top to bottom. That election must be called chop chop and the people of Zimbabwe will throw these bastards out. All of them. Can these negotiating parties tell us just why the people of Zimbabwe should continue to die? We know that ZANU PF and Mugabe ceased to care a long time ago. That is why, as the people in charge of the pace of these talks, they seem in no hurry to end our suffering. MDC has also now proved that they are willing to see people die for the sake of power.

The MDC especially, should hang its head in shame. We target them because we believe they should feel more compassion than the devils in ZANU PF. And here is why we target them: They know as well as we do that Mugabe is willing to see this country reduced to a cesspit. They know that Mugabe ceased to care about the deaths of children and old women in the rural areas. If they are a responsible party, the MDC should have bit the bullet and gone into government. The compromise agreement on the table right now, as Morgan Tsvangirai himself has said, is basically sound. So, the best thing is to take it up and temporarily assuage the suffering of the people of Zimbabwe. Let us breath.

You see, much as we may want a new election, we are also realistic enough to know that Mugabe would never agree to this because he is afraid. He is very afraid. To protect his fraudulently acquired mandate, he is willing to see a carpet of bodies all over Zimbabwe. He will not be moved even if 50% of our people drop dead today.

Is the MDC also now taking the same attitude. Are they willing to be party to the genocidal irresponsibility of the neo-Nazi ZANU PF? We ask: Is no deal better than the deaths of millions of our citizens? Is the ministry of Home Affairs more important than the life of Ambuya Musakwa in Chihota? Is the Ministry if Justice more important than the life of little Gordon who died yesterday at Harare Hospital from starvation? And don't tell us to look to Mugabe. He is a mad man. You can not appeal to a madman. We want to appeal to the ones who say they are sane. If they insist that we should look to ZANU PF does that mean they are saying we should put them on par with a regime that long ago ceased to be moved by the suffering of its own citizens? No, Morgan and the MDC are more mature, more responsible than ZANU PF. At least that is what they tell us. So they should start behaving as such.

Right now, they are refusing to take action, any action. People do not eat speeches at rallies. People do not eat stalemates. As the more responsible of the two parties (we are led to believe), the MDC should take matters into the people's hands and act. People are already dying in their tens everyday, so who is the MDC protecting by simply watching ZANU PF without doing anything itself. Are they that helpless? If they are, why then did they seek the people's mandate, knowing Mugabe as they do?

We demand a new election to deal with the treacherous leaders who are betraying the people. We want a new leadership that knows the importance of a single Zimbabwean life. We want a new leadership that is bold enough to swallow bitter pills in order that the people may find room to breath. Right now, both MDC and ZANU PF are suffocating the people with their inattention. They are killing grandmothers, grandfathers, children, the sick and the vulnerable. To what end? For what? For the ministry of home affairs? For ambassadorships in London and Caracas?

Of course there will be no answers, because the arrogance of these parties now knows no bounds. They are taking the people too much for granted. Yet even the MDC's own poll of its members shows that 50% of them say the party must go into a GNU as a matter of urgency. But then, just like the babbling idiots in ZANU PF, when has the opposition party ever listened to the people. They do what they like. They force their will on the people. They believe they are more important than the people who vote. Does that sound familiar? Which, we ask, is the pig and which is the human being in this Orwellian Zimbabwe?

Enough already.


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