Tsvangirai May Be Sworn In Tomorrow

SABC News reported at around 4p.m. today that Morgan Tsvangirai may be sworn in tomorrow as Prime Minister. Read the brief piece on sabcnews.com in the Southern Africa section.

Already, South Africa has also announced that it still committed to ensuring that the country then immediately gets as much fertiliser, seed and other inputs as is needed for the imminent agricultural season. The rest of the world (or a good chunk of it, we are not counting on Britain, USA right now, all opposition supporters I speak to here have written off these countries).

In all probability, Tsvangirai will then also swear in the ministers or do that in conjunction with Mugabe. Mugabe is treating Morgan as the First Minister, so he may also swear in all the ministers after swearing in Morgan. That, obviously presumes that Tsvangirai has been clear all along who he wanted in what ministry, so that they can be called in at short notice to be sworn in. As I promised at the beginning of this week, we will have a deal and a cabinet by the end of the week. As I write this, the negotiating parties are still holed up in the Rainbow Towers Hotel, where Mbeki is staying.

By my reckoning, I have just won about 650$US in bets that I will collecting tomorrow.

Signing off and hoping for another post this evening when and if news is announced. I reckon that the parties will seek to surprise the world by announcing the deal and the swearing in at the same time to give short notice to everybody. My bet is that all this will happen very quickly and the world will be left dizzy and grasping for a reaction all day tomorrow. America will announce that will "wait and see" as will Britain and the EU. That is also a bet I am taking money on. Bet through the comments section on at the bottom of this post and we'll see. Do not get me wrong: These countries will "welcome" the development, but will take no action to support Tsvangirai in his new position to right the country. Which, by the way, is reason why Mugabe will win in the end, because the economy will continue on its slide without support from EU, USA et al and the fickle people of Zimbabwe will soon switch off the MDC. One of three things will then happen: either Makoni's new party will find itself very popular, or the people will simply NOT vote or decide that they are better with the devil they know, ZANU PF and damn the rest of the world.

Till tomorrow (or later on).


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