Simba Makoni Lashes Out At Tsvangirai, Mugabe

Attended a Briefing by Simba Makoni to the media and diplomats today. 

The former Finance Minister, who challenged Mugabe for President in March and came a distant third (officially, that is. Ibbo Mandaza, one of his top people, says Makoni actually got nearly 30%), lambasted Morgan Tsvangirai for signing an "incomplete deal". He also did not have any kind words for Mugabe, whom he said was responsible for destroying Zimbabwe and should not behave as though he is in control during the ongoing Inclusive Cabinet talks.
Makoni told the journalists and diplomats that the people of Zimbabwe were now worse off than they were before the power-sharing deal was announced.
Answering a question from Swedish Ambassador Steve Rylander, Makoni said he was an "eternal optimist" who believed that a cabinet will be formed out of this Power Sharing agreement. Still, he refused to say whether this will happen before the end of this week.
A Herald reporter asked him about the rumours of the in-fighting in his movement and his response was: "The Movement in coherent, united and that is why you see all of us here today."
Makoni also told the gathering that his new party's constitution was now being circulated by his coordinators all over Zimbabwe for input and "consultations."

His main message, however, was that the negotiating parties should quickly form a government because of the massive suffering of the people, which can not be endured for a moment longer. He lambasted Mugabe especially, saying,"He promised us three weeks ago that there would be a cabinet before the end of the week, but we are still waiting, three weeks later. Why did he not even bother to come back to the people to tell them why that cabinet he promised did not materialise."
On the upcoming Agricultural season, he said that the country was "in a state of unpreparedness never seen before." Mugabe, Makoni pointed out, has previously said that no one will starve in ZImbabwe, yet "people are indeed starving."

Immediately after the briefing, Makoni left to attend a Conference organised by the CPIA where he is due to deliver a paper on the Values and Visions required to turn Zimbabwe around.


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