Mutasa Defies Mugabe

Didymus Mutasa, Mugabe's Minister of the Secret Police (CIO), is seen here visiting the spirit medium who claimed to have found diesel issuing from a rock in Chinhoyi. The Minister has now come out to defy Mugabe, saying he is not in a hurry to replace the Provincial Chairman for his home province, who was forced to resign after refusing to rescind his decision to push for Mutasa to be made ZANU PF National Chairman at the Congress held in December 08, despite clear instructions from the Politburo, handed down with Mugabe himself in the chair.

Harare, Zimbabwe, 02 January 2010

Didymus Mutasa, the ZANU PF Secretary for Administration and Minister in Charge of the Secret Police (CIO) has defied a directive issued by the ZANU Politburo.

You will recall that the Manicaland Provincial Chairman for ZANU PF, Basil Nyabadza, was being used by Mutasa to campaign for the Minister to be made Chairman of the party, saying the position should not be reserved for a Ndebele person from the former PF ZAPU.

Nyabadza refused to give in just before the congress and threatened to cause mayhem from the floor instead of accepting the election of Simon Khaya Moyo as Chairman.

With Mugabe in the chair, the Politburo then forced the Chairman to resign, which he did before the Congress was officially opened by Mugabe. The Politburo then ordered the ZANU PF Manicaland Province to elect a new chairman as a matter of urgency. The words they used were "as soon as possible".

Mutasa has now told the media in Zimbabwe that "as soon as possible" does not mean anything to him.

"We are not in a hurry to elect a new chairman," said the Minister, who is considered an elder in the Manicaland province. He says "as soon as possible can be in February..."

Mutasa is, of course, the man behind the rebellion by Nyabadza. He is known to be supremely ambitious and has even made it known before that he thinks he can be president of Zimbabwe. 

Mugabe knows about Muatsa's ambitions and he also knows that the Minister is a frequent visitor to traditional healers, on whom he seems to want to rely in order to be assured the presidency once Mugabe goes.

The Minister is also infamous in Zimbabwe for being one of the few ministers who were duped by the traditional healer and allegedly possessed medium Rotina Mavhunga, who convinced the ZANU PF top leadership that there was diesel issuing from a rock in the Mashonaland area of Chinhoyi.

Mutasa, one of the ministers and ZANU PF dimwits sent by Mugabe to verify the ludicrous claims, was so taken by the spirit medium that he ended up asking her to prophesy about his future political career and even asked her to give him medicine to make his presidential dreams a reality.

There is no doubt whatsoever that Mutasa, having pushed the Manicaland Provincial Executive for ZANU PF to nominate him for the Chairmanship of ZANU PF, was disappointed at the way Nyabadza was then forced to resign.

He is smarting from that humiliation, basically and the delay in holding new elections for a Chairman for the province is meant to spite the Politburo and the presidency (called the Presidium within ZANU PF, in classic Stalinist/Communist style).

More importantly, though, Mutasa's defiance of the ZANU PF leadership is a sign that Mugabe's grip on his party is now slipping. He no longer commands the pervasive fear that he did in yesteryears.

But, whenever this happens, Mugabe always brings out the bogeyman of an opposition win, which would render all the power struggles meaningless and even lead to the arrest and imprisonment of those who are currently lording it over the long-suffering people of Zimbabwe.


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