Tsvangirai Addresses Journalists, Begs SADC To Put Zimbabwe On The Agenda

Morgan Tsvangirai, with a gold watch around his wrist, addresses the press today at Harvest House, the MDC Head Office in Central Harare. He lamented the failure by Mugabe to swear in Roy Bennett and MDC Governors as well as the continued presence of the Reserve Bank Governor and Attorney General in office. The press conference was called specifically to bed SADC to put Zimbabwe on the agenda of the summit being held in Kinsasha in the next two weeks

Harare, Zimbabwe, 01 September 2009

As it was confirmed today that SADC has not put Zimbabwe on its agenda for the Summit in the Democratic Republic Congo where Joseph Kabila takers over the body's chairmanship in two weeks time, Morgan Tsvangirai today addressed a press conference in Harare.

He asked that SADC put Zimbabwe on the agenda, saying the regional body should place the Zimbabwe issue "for special consideration" on the Summit's agenda.

I warned the Prime Minister's office that Zimbabwe had been left off the agenda almost two weeks ago, but they dismissed that information. Now that it has been confirmed, Tsvangirai is hastily trying to lobby regional leaders to even just discuss the Zimbabwe issue.

It remains to be seen whether SADC will pay any attention to him.

Tsvangirai appears to have called the Press conference simply to lament Mugabe's refusals to implement any of the things the MDC-Tsvangirai considers outstanding.

"Firstly, it is regrettable that the government has not been fully consummated to the extent that not all ministerial holders have been sworn in, Tsvangirai told the press conference, citing Mugabe's refusal to swear in Roy Bennett as a case in point.

On Gono (Governor of the Zimbabwe Reserve Bank whom the MDC wants fired) and Johannes Tomana (Attorney-General, whom the MDC also wants gone for the "partisan" prosecutions of MDC supporters and MPs), Tsvangirai simply said that their continued presence in their posts is "impacting negatively on the credibility and legitimacy of the inclusive government."

The Prime Minister could only call for the speedy resolution of these issues, as he has been doing since he was sworn in.

Tsvangirai twisted the knife into Mugabe yet again today by refusing to refer to sanctions as sanctions and called them "restrictive measures".

I told you two days ago that Mugabe complained to Zuma that Tsvangirai was insincere because he refused to acknowledge the existence of sanctions and calls them "restrictive measures". He claimed Tsvangirai had asked Obama to ban a ZANU PF minister who was part of Tsvangirai's delegation from the meeting with USA president at the White House."

State journalists at the press conference asked Tsvangirai about the issue of sanctions. The Prime Minister responded by saying as soon as the other outstanding issues are addressed, the sanctions "will fall away."

Mugabe has made it clear in conversations with Tsvangirai he does not buy this argument, saying he is being asked to give in on everything with no guarantee that he will start getting aid.

Tsvangirai chose the moment to again reiterate his commitment to the Inclusive MisGovernment, specifically tying his fortunes to those of Mugabe again by saying:

"We are all in this Global Political Agreement to succeed or fail together, that is the nature of coalitions."

Tsvangirai will most probably not get his wish for Zimbabwe to be put on the agenda, with Joseph Kabila in charge of agenda setting now.

The Inclusive Government was supposed to have been reviewed on 11 August 2009, six months after Tsvangirai was sworn in, as promised by SADC. But even with Jacob Zuma as Chairman, this failed to take place and now the item has been left off the agenda at the DRC summit.

Meantime, the people continue to suffer.


  1. We are sick and tired of this Tsvangirayi thing. He cannot be misleading us all the time.

  2. I for one no longer want to hear further excuses from MDC - T. These guys are just a disgrace. Pathological liars with no shame at all. I quit MDC-T.

  3. Takuvaziva havataure chokwadi ava.

  4. It is time we replace Tsvangirayi as MDC-T President. I think Tendai Biti can serve us well in this position of Party Presidency.

  5. Biti won't do coz he is too emotional. I would go for Mudzuri as a better replacement. Elias is cool, does not talk too much ad also that he is a qualified Engineer.


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