"Mugabe Should Stay On, Even Tsvangirai Agrees" - ZANU PF

Tsvangirai, who was jeered in London, not for suggesting that Zimbabwean exiles come home, but for insisting that Mugabe is The Solution to Zimbabwe's problems, now given fodder to ZANU PF people in their rush to endorse Mugabe's continued leadership of party and country ahead of the Congress in December. No one will be allowed to stand against Mugabe and his deputies. De ja vu.

Harare, Zimbabwe, 03 August 2009

Now, ZANU PF's Mashonaland West Provincial Coordinating Committee has endorsed Mugabe to be the "sole candidate" at the Congress in December.

They have gone further, endorsing the entire presidium, comprising Vice President Joice Mujuru (who is from this Province), National Chairman John Nkomo and Vice President Msika.

These three should not be challenged, apparently.

In justifying this position, Nkomo, who attended the meeting where the decision was made, said Mugabe was the only one capable of resolving Zimbabwe's problems, saying this was a fact recognised even the two MDCs in government.

He told reminded the meeting that Tsvangirai told the foreign press a few weeks ago that "there was no equation to solve the country's challenges that did not include President Mugabe."

So now we have Tsvangirai's own words being used to endorse the continued rule of The Solution.

He did warn us, though, repeatedly: "President Mugabe is not going anywhere until we achieve positive results in this government", he said at one time to an audience of Zimbabweans in South Africa.

"If the people of Zimbabwe wanted Mugabe to go they should have staged a revolution. They didn't, so we have to do this," he said to the BBC barely a month ago.

People should have taken him seriously, I guess, because now there seems to be unanimity, intended or not, on both sides of the Inclusive MisGovernment, that Mugabe is an extremely wise man who at more than 80 years old, still holds the key to a Zimbabwe prosperous in the 21st Century.

They seem to all agree, Tsvangirai included, that this very wise man is in fact one of a kind, to be milked of all his wisdom until the very day he dies - Life President it is then. With the blessing of Tsvangirai and ZANU PF.

What the people think, does it matter at all in any of this?

Of course not.

They must do as they told. They did not come to democracy, now democracy must come to them.

I keep asking: in this Orwellian Tale, which is the pig and which is the human?

And people died for this?


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