Mugabe Flown To Dubai For Treatment

Robert Mugabe with the effects of the botox injections still fresh. As you can see, if you compare with the photo below, which was taken two months later, the effects of the botox were wearing off, with Mugabe looking hollow-cheeked at Heroes Acre on July 11

President Robert Mugabe was flown out to Dubai for treatment and I understand his urologist, Awang Kechik, has also flown out to Dubai to meet him there. I had initially got information that he had flown to Singapore or Malaysia, but I can confidently reveal that he is in Dubai.

His urologist is normally based in Malaysia.

His daughter, Bona, was on the same flight to Dubai as the urologist.

The presence of Mugabe's urologist points either to a recurrence of Mugabe's prostate problems, which have been remission since 2003, or to the fact that he is just playing it safe and wants a check-up to make sure he is still in fine fettle.

ZANU PF sources are insisting that Mugabe is not in any danger at this point and that this is just a routine check-up, but his absence at the burial of National Hero Richard Hove points to something amiss.

Vice-president Mujuru is officiating at the burial of Hove as I type this.

Mugabe did not look unwell when he was in Namibia on Tuesday, the last time he was seen in public. His heir-apparent and Defence Minister, Emmerson Mnangagwa, simply says the president "has travelled" without giving further details.

Dubai is also where Mugabe normally has his Botox injections and it is likely that when he does come back, you will seen him looking chubbier around the face than he has been the last few weeks. The Zimbabwe dictator has been having these injections since 2002.

The injections have a noticeable effect on Mugabe, who looks gaunt and drawn when their effects have worn off and quite healthy and chubby about the face soon after they are administered. The last time he got them was just before the inauguration of Jacob Zuma in May this year, I have learnt.

Mugabe's health is a closely guarded secret in ZANU PF. He believes that any discussion of his illness will weaken his leadership.


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