Media Reform In Disarray

It appears Tafataona Mahoso (above), the bane of journalists in Zimbabwe wll bounce back, after Parliament handed the process of selecting new Commissioners to Mugabe

Harare, Zimbabwe, 04 August 2009

ZANU PF has scuttled a crucial part of media reform in Zimbabwe. The party has managed to get the selection process for Commissioners to sit on the board of a new Media Commission abandoned.

A recruitment company that did the job is now being "shadowy" by the State media. It had not been identified.

It emerges that ZANU PF complained that they were outnumbered on the interviewing panel and they claim this led to ZANU PF favourites doing very badly.

With this, all pretence that the "civil service is non-partisan" flies out of the window. ZANU PF is openly admitting that it wants people sympathetic to its cause and its politics to be the majority on that Board.

The solution parliament came up with was to ensure that this happens: they have forwarded ALL the names to The Solution, Mugabe for him to pick and choose.

Who wants to bet this is one Board that will be full to the gills with ZANU PF "activists" as the Herald calls them. Mahoso may well return as head of the new commission.

It is a charade. Journalists still have to register. They still have to accredit themselves with Mahoso, despite what the Prime Minister says. (Is he in charge of Policy or not?)

There will be no let-up at all. Things will continue like that because the MDC, with its majority in parliament (good as gone, yes, but...), has let this one go and handed it directly to Mugabe.

Their faith in the man never ceases to amaze.

Not only is he The Solution, according to the MDC, but now he is also the judge and the jury.

It beggars belief that this Inclusive Government actually thinks it is doing any good to the country.

As Alice would say: It gets curioser and curioser.


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