Hilary Clinton A She-Devil, Says Mugabes Men

Mugabe has now gone "North Korean" on Hilary Clinton, seen here on August 6 2009 arriving in South Africam where she repeated her sentiments that Mugabe has to go before American and other donors will consider helping the Zimbabwe government

Harare, Zimbabwe, 11 August 2009

There goes another glimmer of hope, and the neighourhood, I suppose.

We all recall that Mugabe destroyed all hope of getting reconciled with Australians when he, at a public rally, called them not only descendants of criminals and butchers of Aborigines, but also insisted that it was "the criminal blood in their veins" that made them act the way they do towards Zimbabwe.

They say in politics you never make permanent enemies, but for Mugabe, it appears the motto that applies is:

"Burn every bridge as soon as you cross it."

Yesterday, I told you about Mugabe's diatribe against what he called "especially the Anglo-Saxons, the British."

This was a cue for his people to let loose. And let loose they have.

Today, state media carries a screaming headline:

"Hilary Clinton: Two She-devils In One." Choice phrases in the article include:

"Obama is a fake Democrat.." "Such is the roaring lion devil Clinton has become.." and so on.

Now, you see what sort of company this government is keeping? These statements are like the official statement issued by the foreign Minister of Kim Jong Il's North Korea a couple of weeks back in reference to Hilary Clinton:

"Sometimes she looks like a primary school girl and sometimes she looks like a pensioner going shopping."

So this should be nothing new to the Secretary of State.

Those who disputed my assertion at the end of Tsvangirai's Western begging trip that Mugabe had now decided to take off gloves against the same West and tear apart any hope of re-engagement could perhaps tell us now where such childish behaviour as todays will lead.

And, for good measure, in the state media today there is also a "letter" telling former British Prime Minister Tony Blair to "shut up."

"Spawn of convicts, shut up, She-Devil lion..." Doesn't sound like a government trying to "rebuild bridges", does it? Mugabe has justified this attitude before by saying he has extended a hand to Britain but has been spurned.

You can see why, can't you?

It is a typically Hitlerian reaction to the rejection of Mugabe and ZANU PF by the West. Just as that 1930s dictator declared that if his country could not live up to his vision, then it deserved to die, so Mugabe believes that the personal insults against him and those against his party is a worthy cause for Zimbabwe to die for.

The attitude now is, "Let nothing be achieved by this Coalition Government. Let Zimbabwe die, if it must, just so Mugabe can show the West that he can outlast them and is not to be trifled with."

Never mind that Tony Blair never worries a day, eats three square meals a day, gets driven around in a Jaguar and lives in plush comfort while Mugabe's people pick grains of wheat off the sidewalk.

Mugabe's honour has been insulted, his dignity trampled on. For that, you and I and our mothers and fathers and sisters and brothers must all suffer the humiliation of standing in line for food handouts (yes, there will be another food shortfall again this harvest season, even Tsvangirai announced it.)

What puzzles the mind is why, oh why, do any of the parties to this Exclusive Government believe that it is only Mugabe, the man with an attitude such as this, who can solve Zimbabwe's problems?

Of course, there will be no help coming for this Inclusive Government.

Forget about Looking East, also. In the ten years since Zimbabwe's problems really set in (they began in the 80s with an artificially growing "economy" powered by loans and donor money), China, sitting on trillions of US dollars in reserves, has not extended to Mugabe the aid or loans needed to transform Zimbabwe.

If they wanted to, the could easily cough up that US$8 billion Tendai Biti desperately needs.

But they see utter failure of policy formulation, they see greed, plunder, corruption, nepotism and naked theft. They see this and decide that it is better to pour their money into Angola where they can get oil fuel their growth.

They would even rather give money to countries that just point-black refuse to hold any elections at all, leaving their Southern African friend licking his wounds.

This is no solution to Zimbabwe's problem. Instead, the MDC-T hopes that Mugabe is the solution to them being allowed some form of power, only because he believes he has title deeds to power over Zimbabwe. Hence, it is only at his own pleasure that he can throw pieces of that power Tsvangirai's way.

Tsvangirai has bought into the belief.

And this is the thanks that he gets.


  1. lets all get Zimbabwe working again....


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