Zimbabwe: Staring Into The Abyss Again

Of course, we can expect that those who have now adopted ZANU PF language although they claim to fight for "change" will label us "saboteurs", "divisive elements" or, if we are lucky, merely "skeptics".

But truth must be told.

And that truth is that, as I predicted to you last month, inflation figures just released show a 15% overall increase and a 24% percent increase in the cost of the standard food basket (I was out by one, at 25%, but close enough).

Civil servants to whom Tendai "Father Christmas" Biti is to give a big salary raise on July 16, are still earning US$100 a month.

It's no better in the private sector, with the RBZ revealing this week that our entire brood of 14 commercial banks hold a paltry US$600 million in their vaults (that is just interest to Bill Gates).

Suffer Continue, then.

Two weeks ago, it was also reported that two villagers had died here after they failed to raise the required US dollars for clinic and hospital fees, medication and so on.

Of course, this may well have been ZANU PF trying, as it always does, to influence the nation in its fight with the MDC-T for the restoration of the Zimbabwe dollar as our No 1 currency.

Still, there is no denying that the people are beginning to feel the pinch. Which is why the MDC-T is now panicking, threatening to pull out, yet getting dragged back in by their all-powerful leader, the Prime Minister.

Keep in mind that these figures just released do not take into account a further hike in the price of fuel in the last couple of weeks to more than a dollar and a half per litre of petrol.

It means 15% ain't nothing.

Next month, the figures will be worse.

Through all this, the Inclusive Government is sitting there, two parties trying to stare each other down while ignoring the raging inferno consuming the country.

Inflation figures such as these in an environment underpinned by the relatively stable US dollar and the strong Rand spell nothing short of disaster. And they expose the complete and utter ineptitude of the Inclusive Government.

The people are complaining but they are told to "listen to me" and do as they are told, swallow whatever tripe they are given. The Inclusive Government is not listening.

Then again, it is difficult to hear when you have your snout deep in the trough.


  1. You write wth such passion about the most difficult subjects, but you are, I am sure, a voice for the voiceless. Most certainly you are a blessing.


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