Zimbabwe Internet Collapse Continues

This is the status of the Zimbabwe internet connection at the moment, 3:50p.m. on 15 July 2009.

Despite the Prime Minister and his Inclusive Government issuing a 100-day Wishlist in which Nelson Chamisa, who is now in charge of all things Internet in Zimbabwe, is tasked with rehabilitating the infrastructure of our data communications, things have not changed much.

Chamisa himself, who is also MDC-T spokesman, boasted at the time of the launch of the 100-day Wishlist launched Tsvangirai that we would see a 60% improvement.

What we are experiencing is in fact a 60% decline in quality.

ISPs who use satellite can still connect, but almost 90% of Zimbabwe relies on these Telone conenctions shown above.

Which means they are cut off as I write.

It changes every minute, literally, with the gateways going up for a few seconds, then down again...

Like I said before, It is scary to realise that this Inclusive Government really has no clue what it is doing.

I expect at the end of their fake 100 days they will lie through their teeth that things have improved and targets met (targets like "hiring a consultant", a 100-day task for one of Tsvangirai's ministries!)

Oh, and electricity has just gone as I type!!! This is the third time today alone.

And Tsvangirai says there is "positive change and improvement"!


  1. Wow. I cannot even imagine living life like this. Not knowing from one moment to the next. Stay strong ans smile for today!


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