Yet More Proof Of How Utterly Powerless Tsvangirai Is

Morgan Tsvangirai is greeted earlier today (June 8 2009), by the Dutch Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende upon his arrival for their meeting. No aid has been pledged by the Dutch yet, with the country's Development minister saying yesterday they will wait and see

The humiliating position in which Tsvangirai finds himself was demonstrated over the weekend when he was defeated by a non-entity, Tafataona Mahoso, who got assistance from George Charamba in his mission against Tsvangirai.

Tsvangirai told reporters when he announced his capitulation to Mugabe on Permanent Secretaries, Ambassadors etc that there was no need for journalists to accredit themselves and that the Media Commission of Mahoso was now null and void.

Some journalists took the government to court because they wanted to cover the Comesa summit and they were being asked to register, accredit and pay US dollar fees for the privilege.

Tsvangirai, as Prime Minister, was the one being taken to court by the journalists. Other respondents were Mahoso of the MIC Commission itself and the Attorney General.

Surprisingly, the Attorney General, to whom Tsvangirai appealed for an an opinion when he got the summons, agreed with the Prime Minister that there was no need for the journalists to register and he did not oppose the Journalists' application for relief from the courts.

But this was just a ruse, because ZANU PF, Mahoso and Charamba had told the Attorney General to "appear" to be in agreement with the Prime Minister since there is a fight going on between them at the moment.

The court found in favour of the journalists.

The court even ruled that the journalists should be allowed to cover the summit even if the state appeals the decision.

Sure enough, the state immediately appealed, leading Tsvangirai to express "surprise" on Saturday at the airport as he embarked on his begging trip, that the Attorney General had moved away from the Prime Minister's side and was now with Mahoso and Charamba.

The upshot was that the journalists were chased away from the Summit when they tried to cover it, in defiance of the courts.

There is nothing Tsvangirai can do to Mahoso or Charamba about any of this.

And he insists that he is the Prime Minister? With full powers? On par with Mugabe?

He insists the government is working well and everything is just spiffy?

As we all know, the PM is in Europe and the United States for the next three weeks or so. He has gone there to beg for money for Mugabe. It is unlikely that with all of this happening, he will get anything of substance. But we will see.

The Dutch, whom he met yesterday, have already said they are giving him nothing.

In any case, Tsvangirai has now been defeated by a civil servant, George Charamba, as well as someone who does not have any authority or power at law, Tafataona Mahoso. They have simply ignored the court ruling and defied the law.

One wonders what (apart from bringing in money, which Mugabe will immediately take by force to finance ZANU PF and dispense patronage) the Prime Minister hopes to achieve by continuing to tell us that Mugabe and his people are the solution to Zimbabwe's problems.


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