MDC-T Activists Abducted

"Well, don't look at me, Morgan, I am just as helpless as you are." (Which means  there actually is no one in charge!)

Robert "The Solution" Mugabe is at it again.

This time, the "fantastic" ministry of Home Affairs (Tsvangirai's words), sent some of its policemen to "abduct" some MDC-T activists in order to get them to implicate the ones already awaiting trial for plotting to overthrow The Solution.

They claim nasty things were done to them and think it all unfair and unacceptable and all that.

Are these people deaf? Did they not hear the Prime Minister? "If it's victimisation, let it be proved in a court of law." Jestina Mukoko was abducted, was she not? Did the police not claim for a whole month that they had no idea where she was, only to produce her poste haste when Tsvangirai signed on the dotted line?

The Prime Minister says it's OK, it's "due process" when these sorts of things happen. He'd rather people don't make such a fuss about "human rights" and that they would stop jumping onto the "Gideon Gono bandwagon" because all of this is "unhelpful".

Let us be honest about this:

What we are seeing here is a man who made mistakes negotiating with Mugabe. Costly ones, such as not defining his own executive powers clearly. And confirming Mugabe as President with full constitutional rights.

He is now trying to correct those mistakes and the only way to do that is to give Mugabe due respect and hope for crumbs from his table. This will then be held up as proof that the dictator has been chased away from the banquet.

We are told we have no option but to go along with this, to follow the MDC-T on its tortuous route of repairing the mistakes it made from 2005, when these negotiations began to the signing on 15 September 2008.

We must just accept all these "shortcomings" even as people are arrested, abducted, tried on trumped-up charges, refused a swearing-in ceremony, have ministries taken away from them, beaten......


Because we have no choice, we are told.

The Prime Minister is taking his begging bowl to Europe and America next week. Just he prepares to leave, this is the send-off he gets.

All this is being done with The Solution looking on, telling Tsvangirai there is nothing he can do because neither of them should be seen to be "interfering with the judicial process."

Surely, they have every right to interfere in an extra-judicial process? And what could be more extra-judicial than abducting people from their homes and forcing them to bear false witness?

Should the West ignore the very clear signs that Tsvangirai is floundering against Mugabe, pinned down and unable to move in any direction at all? Will they open up their purse-strings and ignore the baggage that this Exclusive Government carries.

Somehow, I doubt it.

Which is exactly how Robert "The Solution" Mugabe wants it.


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