Geoff Nyarota Offers Explanation For "Plagiarisation"

....together with apologies. And I do accept the apology.

What I do not understand, however, is why, throughout the day on Thursday, Geoff and his staff at The Times, ignored several comments left there on this story by readers and even some of the staff at our office pointing this fact out. 
Some of my own regular readers eventually resorted to copying their comments onto the chatroll on this site because they were certain Geoff was ignoring the comments which were pointing out the fact that this article had been "plagiarised".
Geoff's site has always been an excellent medium for exchange of views with readers and they are normally very quick to upload comments, yet, although I was busy with work until about 7p.m. last night (hence no post), our staff at the office, who were monitoring the Times site, reported there still being no comment published and no explanation offered. This, toogether with the fact that our readers were upset by the non-publication of their own contribution in this regards, makes me skeptical still.....but let us not split hairs.
Like I said, I have always considered Geoff an excellent mentor in the journalism industry and was really shocked he would do this. His achievements are not in any way diminished by this incident, I should think. And our readers need to understand that.  In the spirit of letting sleeping dogs lie, I accept the position and explanation he has given on his site.
Thanks again to Munyaradzi Muchando, one of our most active readers (he calls himself a fan!) for bringing this to our attention. Without it, we would have been blissfully unaware of this infraction.


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