Zimbabwe Crisis Talks Deadlock or Hoodwink?

What do you call a double deadlock? According to Nelson Chamisa, spokesman for the MDC Tsvangirai, a deadlock has been declared in the ongoing talks to break the deadlock over the allocation of cabinet posts.
He says perhaps the Mbeki, the mediator, can think of something else to put on the table. According to him, up to ten ministries are in dispute. Which is strange, considering his own boss, Morgan Tsvangirai, Arthur Mutambara of the other MDC and even Tendai Biti, Morgan Tsvangirai's secretary General, were all saying astonishing progress was made yesterday. Biti's  exact words were, "mountains are being moved." What then did they spend the whole day talking about today, until so late in the evening?
It is almost midnight in Zimbabwe now and I guess a clearer picture will be got tomorrow morning. 
People around me are still sceptical that this thing could break down when the leaders have come so far.
Oh, the way, the markets went bonkers today. The US dollar climbed to about 65 million Zim dollar on the cheque/transfer rate. The stock market outdid itself, with counters such as Bindura, which closed at 15 million dollars each yesterday closing at 30 million today. 

JUST IN: As I write this, SABC is again reporting live that Mbeki has been asked to stay on in the country to witness Tsvangirai's anticipated swearing-in tomorrow. Same bulletin also showing President Monthlante of South Africa also says South Africa will be "at the forefront" of assisting Zimbabwe's "economic recovery". "Then the rest of the world will come through....It is a race against time".

And so to bed, tomorrow, a new government!!


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