The Firing of MDC United Kingdom/South Africa Executive Has Nothing To Do With "Corruption"?

It is now clear that Morgan Tsvangirai would like to be Robert Mugabe when he grows up. The manner in which he is running his party, the imposition of his will, the insistence by him and his die-hard supporters that he is a Jesus in never having done anything wrong all point to a megalomania in the mould of Mugabe's, who believes "after me, the flood."

Harare, Zimbabwe, 06 January 2010

Chris, a friend of Facebook, sent me a message that reveals a side to the MDC "corruption" that most people seem not to have grasped.

The MDC and Morgan Tsvangirai are not after the executives in the UK and South Africa because of corruption. No. They want to weed them out ahead of a Congress of the MDC, which should be held before the next Zimbabwe General Election.

After Morgan Tsvangirai was booed by MDC supporters in the diaspora, he wants to make sure that he goes into the Congress without any structures in the diaspora (UK, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia and America).

Here's why:

Currently, the Executives in these Diaspora countries are treated as provinces who have voting power at the Congresses of the MDC led by Tsvangirai. These "provinces", at the grassroots level (the ordinary Diaspora members) are dead set against the unilateral and illegal scrapping of term limits that Tsvangirai has imposed on the MDC.

He has changed the constitution of his party to do away with the requirement for the president (Tsvangirai at the moment) to only serve two terms at the head of the party before he has to retire.

MDC members out of Zimbabwe, who are now exposed to the workings of true democracy and know that no democratic future can be built on the foundation of a personality cult such as the one being built around Tsvangirai, are not happy about the term limits scrapping at all.

Secondly, Tsvangirai is also aware of his unpopularity with exiled Zimbabweans, especially after being booed at Southwark Cathedral for, among other things, insisting that "Mugabe is not the problem in Zimbabwe, he is the solution" and "our message to Zimbabweans in the diaspora today is 'come back home'", even though he can neither guarantee their safety nor show them a single policy that would create jobs to which they can come back.

It was very likely, therefore, that Tsvangirai would have faced a rebellion at the next Congress, with true democrats in the diaspora structures demanding that an election be held for president of the MDC at Congress (at the moment, both Morgan Tsvangirai and his Secretary General, Tendai Biti, are planning on pulling a Mugabe and announcing that there will be no contest for the "presidium" of the MDC and that the delegates must simply endorse Tsvangirai to continue illegally and immorally as President of the opposition party).

So, if things are going as stated, you will find that the diaspora structures will be dismantled as has happened in South Africa and the United Kingdom. Australia, New Zealand and the United States structures will also be disbanded. If not, Tsvangirai and Biti have shown that they have no qualms at all about denying the Diaspora structures a vote at Congress.

The supporters in Zimbabwe who will attend Congress are all beneficiaries of Tsvangirai patronage. They have been given not only cash here and there but also, in some instances, jobs and opportunities to put their snouts in the feeding trough.

They will, therefore, go with Tsvangirai, not because he is the best for Zimbabwe, but because he will make sure they continue to stick their snouts in the trough while he looks at the horizon shouting, "Oh, look! ZANU PF!" in order to divert attention from the rot he is breeding in his own backyard.

The psychology of leadership tells us that it takes a special kind of person (like a Mandela, who refused even his second term) to avoid imitating the oppressor whom he fought against yesterday.

Mugabe did it, keeping Ian Smith's ruthless Law and Order Maintenance Act on the books, keeping on an unreformed Central Intelligence Organisation, seeking to get all the black people, the voters, to stand behind his one party, ZANU PF, just as Smith crushed all opposition and rendered Rhodesia a one-party state run by the Rhodesia Front.

Morgan Tsvangirai is not escaping this fundamental truth of leadership psychology. His supporters who, as recently as 2006, when I first mentioned that Tsvangirai would throw out the term limits as president of party and (heaven forbid) president of Zimbabwe, said I was talking nonsense and that he would quietly step down when his time was up because he was "a democrat" are now either quiet as church mice or cheer-leading the rape of the MDC constitution by Tsvangirai and Tendai Biti.

This why people understand that when I call these types of MDC supporters sheep, it is not an attempt to insult them, but a factual description of how they conduct themselves: never questioning, never thinking for themselves and saying whatever Chairman Morgan decides to put in his Little Red Book is Gospel and must not be questioned except by the sacrilegious.

I have no doubt that Tsvangirai will get away with it and serve for another two terms as president of the MDC. I also have no illusions that he will continue to compromise on matters of fundamental principle in dealings with Mugabe. He holds a secret admiration for the way Mugabe has kept a grip on his party and on his presidency.

Tsvangirai will try his best to emulate Mugabe on these things and should a miracle happen and he ends up as President of Zimbabwe, he will also use the same Mugabe tactics he is using now to stay on in power.

After all, there is no difference between what Tsvangirai is doing now to the diaspora and what Mugabe has done to them: denying them the vote because they are almost certain to vote against him!

Chris is clearly right.

Animal farm is real. Morgan Tsvangirai is Napoleon. Mugabe is Farmer Jones. The MDC sheep-like supporters are Squealer, chanting: "Napoleon Is Always Right!"


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  1. The MDC executive in the Diaspora is more rotten than Zanu itself. Most of them are real crooks who were taking money from people in exactly the same way Zanu thugs were doing in Zim. Worse they have been exposed to the shenanigans of political funding and patronage from the Western donors. Zimbabwe is a gold mine for most global nonprofit organizations (NGOs) so why let the gold mine run dry? Those scrupulous MDC executives in the Diaspora can easily ditch Tsvangirai for being “undemocratic” and get sympathetic ears from the usual donors. There is a lot of disgruntlement in those circles because all of them were left out of the GNU and can’t even get an audience with anyone in the same way they could 12 months ago! It is very subdued out here and most of them will not hesitate to continue with the “democratic” struggle and the scary thing is they have willing funders out there. The MDC has just realized what it created and they are out to rectify it, by touching on the corruption. Most of them are individually corrupt something commonly known so removing them is killing two birds with one stone. They need real support in the Diaspora and they need to rid of political opposition from the potential mercenaries.
    The MDC has never been that popular in the Diaspora, except SA. Only that they have been more visible and more vocal. See there have always been two types of people in the Diaspora: those still seeking legal papers and those who already have their papers. It is usually a cycle that those seeking papers are conspicuous: very visible and once they get them, and have had more exposure to Western lives they become more politically conscious. There are more people who will be more receptive to people like Makoni and I once claimed that Tekere will generate more audience than Morgan. The 2004 elections of a US executive were postponed after they clashed with ZimExpo…..and what was the main draw there? RBZ executives led by Herbert Nkala and Lovemore Chihota!


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