Mugabe Loses His Mind, Mahoso Bounces Back

Mugabe, seen here last week arriving at the United Nations in New York, appears to have come back from North and South America determined to smash the Inclusive Government into smithereens. He has appointed a raft of military men to boards of State companies dealing with the media. This is the most direct insult to Prime Minister Tsvangirai Mugabe has launched since the Inclusive Government was formed.

Harare, Zimbabwe, 01 October 2009

This is stunning news from Zimbabwe this morning.

Robert "The Solution" Mugabe, in his most naked assault on the Inclusive Government yet, has gone ahead and unilaterally appointed a raft of new board members for government companies dealing with the media.

This is not the work of a sane man.

All the boards are packed to the gills with Brigadier-Generals. Every single board has at least one and all in all, Mugabe appointed nine Brigadier-Generals to the boards of:

  • Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe
  • Zimpapers
  • Kingstons the Stationery Chain
  • Transmedia (which "owns" the transmission infrastructure in Zimbabwe)
  • New Ziana
  • Zimbabwe Broadcasting Holdings

It is as if the Inclusive Government does not exist at all.

Tafataona Mahoso, former chair of the Media and Information Commission of Zimbabwe, has bounced back as head of the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe.

Dr Charles Utete, Mugabe's former Chief Secretary to The President and Cabinet, is the new chairman of the Zimbabwe Newspapers Board.

As far as anyone can tell, Morgan Tsvangirai was not consulted on these appointments, including the ones for the Broadcasting Authority, for which parliament interviewed candidates.

The overwhelming majority of the people appointed to the boards of these organisations are ZANU PF and Mugabe loyalists. Even former Health Minister Retired Brigadier-General Felix Muchemwa has made a comeback as a board member for the national broadcaster.

It is a naked challenge to Morgan Tsvangirai and the MDC-T to walk out of the Inclusive Government. I really do not see how anyone in the MDC with any shame will maintain after this that the Inclusive Government is working well and is not in danger.

Also, in a naked case of nepotism, Robert Mugabe's favourite nephew's wife has also been put on one of the boards.

The announcement was made by Webster Shamu, the ZANU PF minister of Information and Publicity in the Inclusive Government. This was shortly after the cabinet meeting, which had been moved from Tuesday to yesterday because Mugabe was still out of the country.

No, he still will not let Morgan Tsvangirai chair cabinet in his absence. Which makes Tsvangirai a titular Deputy Chair of the Cabinet.


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