Zimbabweans Are Lucky To Have A Man Like Morgan Tsvangirai As Leader

Zimbabweans are indeed lucky to have a man of the Right Honourable Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai's calibre as a leader. A man of wisdom and foresight unequalled in all the world, a giant that stands above all other human beings on earth, an infallible man. Even the Pope wants to be Morgan Tsvangirai when he grows up.

Harare, Zimbabwe, 18 September 2009

There is no man on this earth wiser than Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai.

Since 2005, this has been proved to be true.

He was right and Welshman Ncube, Gibson Sibanda, Priscilla Misihairabiwi Mushonga et al were wrong.

He was right and Thabo Mbeki was wrong. The Prime Minister made no mistakes, diplomatic or otherwise, in his dealings with the SADC mediator. It was all Thabo Mbeki in the wrong because of his love for Robert Mugabe.

The Americans were wrong when they told him not to sign the deal with Mugabe. "Mugabe is genuine," he repeatedly said.

The Botswana president Ian Khama was wrong when he told Tsvangirai to take his time before signing, to demand the implementation of certain minimum democratic and governance standards, if only in an unambiguous and airtight document.

"Mugabe is genuine," said the Prime Minister.

Jakaya Kikwete, during his meeting with Tsvangirai in Dar as the Prime Minister travelled to West Africa to collect an award, gave the same advice.

The Prime Minister ignored it, demanding only the meaningless enactment of the fatally flawed Amendment Number 19.

He was right, the two friendly presidents were wrong.

Then of course, another "wrong man" came along: Jacob Zuma. The Prime Minister had a lot of faith in him, thought this was one president who would understand the genius and stupendous wisdom of our Prime Minister.

But he sided with Mugabe at SADC, for no reason that anyone can think of.

Of course, Zuma was wrong. Our Prime Minister was right.

Now, now....

Over the weekend, as every single independent paper in Zimbabwe has now confirmed beyond doubt, the Prime Minister stood on one side while his National Council and his National Executive both stood on the other.

He says stay on in government as Mugabe spits on the GPA.

Smile and wave as he stomps on Amendment Number 19.

His Executive say no, enough is enough, we can not continue in government.

The Prime Minister, of course refuses to come around.

He is right. They are wrong.

Now they will go to the people. And I am sure you can see where this is leading.

If the people come out against continuing in this Government, disjointed as it is, then the people will be wrong and the Prime Minister will be right.

There is no time since the formation of the MDC that the Prime Minister or indeed his party, admitted that they made a mistake or were wrong about something.

It is always Mbeki. Zuma. SADC. The African Union. Clubs of Dictators. Rural voters. Propaganda.

Anything, in fact, but the party's own miscalculation. Or incompetence. Anyone questioning them must be paid by ZANU PF. For how else can any person who is not blind fail to see the utter brilliance of the Prime Minister and his party?

It really begs the question:

Why are we bothering with all these elections? Why are we troubling ourselves like this.

The answer to our problems is that we should simply anoint Morgan Tsvangirai president of Zimbabwe and leave him to get on with it. Our opinion in the matter do not count.

Such a brilliant, infallible man, holier than the Pope, never wrong, ought to do good by us, oughtn't he?


  1. What a biased article. Its quite clear you can't trust anything that comes from someone so fanatical about anyone. You defy reason and its this sort of hero worshipping that allowed ZANU and Bob get away with murder for many years. too blind to see even when a person is doing wrong. Pray that people of Zimbabwe don't catch your rubbish otherwise we are in for it.

    Don't get me wrong , Morgan is a 'good man', but he has his flaws just like all other people. Don't make a man into a God.

  2. I suppose this is the sort of thing Zimbabwean education is producing now?

    No wonder our country is in a mess if Morgan Tsvangirai has supporters of his calibre?

    Zim Champion, do you even know the meaning of sarcasm?

    This article went straight over your head and proves Magora's point exactly.

  3. This is a devastating article, Denford. I admire your clarity of thought. I am one of those who now stand opposed to my former idol, Morgan Tsvangirai. You get to a point where you realise the man simply does not what it takes. Perhaps someone else will do a better job. I am not so sure about Makoni myself, but I think the MDC should start thinking about a change of leadership.

  4. Ha! Ha! Zim Champion is like Morgan Tsvangirai - he can't see that he is being insulted!

  5. Haha... Sarcasm is not my thing. the laugh is on me.

    Chirungu chinonetsa


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