Dying Air France Passenger Takes Photos

I got these through e-mail (thanks Flo) and they were taken aboard the Air France plane that crashed into the ocean on its way from Brazil.

In the first photo, you can see a passenger being sucked out of the big hole in the fuselage.

A few moments after this was taken, everybody you see here was dead.

The photos were apparently found in a digital Casio Z750 camera amidst the remains in Serra do Cachimbo. Investigators used the serial number to determine ownership and it turns out the camera belonged to one of the passengers, Paulo G. Muller.

Paolo Muller leaves behind two daughters, Beatriz and Bruna.

P.S. Edited 7:10p.m. Zimbabwe Time: Is this for real? Apparently not. As you will see from a comment here, it appears this is a hoax and the photos are nothing but a screen grab from a show!! They had us going for a while there!! Follow the link to find out the whole story.


  1. This is a hoax. The photos are from the first episode of the TV series Lost. See this article on Snopes for more info.

  2. This is false - these pictures are still shots from the LOST pilot. Here's the article on Snopes:


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